6 Examples of SEO Done Right (And How to Beat Them)

6 Examples of SEO Done Right (And How to Beat Them)

Running a successful business requires knowing the latest trends and how you can integrate them into your business model.

Even if you don't have any previous aspect with a certain portion of it, such as SEO, your company needs to be taking advantage of it.

Luckily, the business world enables you to observe what other companies have done in this area and incorporate some of their practices. Why not take advantage of what the big brands are doing?

To help you figure things out, here are several companies that you can use as prime examples of SEO in your business model.

1. SproutSocial

What makes this company's homepage so successful? It's simplicity. You'll understand what they do as soon as you read the headline that reads "Schedule. Publish. Analyze."

Not only are their headers straight to the point, but their call to action is just as direct. Under the H1 and H3, you'll find a bright green button that reads "start your free trial".

The lesson to learn here is to never over-complicate your own homepage. Keyword optimization can be maximized without flooding your website with fluff. 

SproutSocial is a prime example of that. Looking to increase your web traffic? Give websuitable a trial.

2. Luna Sandals

Now that you've admired the simplicity of SEO, it's time to admire the power of thorough detail, such as with Luna Sandals.

What better way to prioritize keywords and sell the sizzle of your product than through the product descriptions on your site?

Use the product descriptions that you have to motivate and inspire your clientele.

What will push them over the edge to purchasing? What qualities are the clients in your industry searching for? How does your product differentiate itself from the rest of the marketplace?

These questions, and more, can be tackled on your all-encompassing product descriptions.

3. MuleSoft

Let's be honest here, as invaluable as technology and software are to your business, it isn't the sexiest topic out there in the world.

Plenty of industries struggle with this problem of advertising a product that's crucial for everyday use, but not attractive to the common clientele. Fortunately, SEO is a marketing strategy where none of that matters.

Take it from MuleSoft, an industry leader in providing network connectivity through application program interfaces (API).

Anyone that searches for it on Google will stumble upon MuleSoft's website, whose header reads "Transform your business with API-led connectivity".

That header includes everything in those seven words: a call to action, a solid means of differentiation, and how you can use it.

Finding a header with all these included in your brand would provide your business with a huge advantage over the competition.

4. Nike

Go to and you'll find the use of keywords galore! Things such as "Must-have" or "trending" or "new releases" are just the beginning of the party.

What Nike does is push its latest pieces at you from the moment you enter their homepage.

Not only are the keywords included for you to see, but pictures directly below them to pique your interest as you comb the site. These pictures alone are enough to send you down a vicious hour-long rabbit hole.

What was the factor that got you started down said rabbit hole? The keywords they used.

Even if you're not a clothing brand like Nike is, you can heed a lesson from their SEO tactics. Find the highest trending keywords for your industry and stamp them throughout your homepage.

5. Wix

They wouldn't be much of a website producer that helps you with SEO if their own site didn't do the same for their efforts.'s homepage has a "goldilocks" amount of keywords on it. They lie perfectly between "too few" and "too many" words.

As soon as you run into their website you'll read big, bold letters that state "Create a website you're proud of". Who wouldn't want to read more about their services after that statement?

They integrated the leading keyword for their industry: "create a website". They did the research (as you would expect) and then thought of a way to integrate it in a statement that would draw you in.

After you've found the industry-leading keyword for your market, mix it into the H1 of your website. Better yet, put it in a statement that sells itself.

6. Pepsi

Pepsi has long been acknowledged as a prime, industry-leading example of how to build your brand.

Their homepage includes an H1 that reads "always be celebrating" to further associate drinking a Pepsi product during the good times.

Then, on the same page, reads an H3 that says "the official soft drink of the National Football League". Not only are they attracting Google users that type in "soft drink", but also those that search for "national football league". Genius!

It's all about wordplay. Finding different keywords that your clientele is searching for and figure out ways to incorporate them into your site.

Use These Examples of SEO in Your Strategies

Now that you've seen several examples of SEO from industry leaders, it's time to capitalize on the example they've set for you.

Don't get discouraged if you take a while to figure out the right SEO formula to reach your desired targets. Every company goes through a learning curve with search engine optimization.

Be sure to read our other articles that pertain to both this topic and others just like it.



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