5 Ways to Increase Productivity with Your Office Coffee Station

Increase productivity

For most American workers, coffee is an essential part of the day. Whether it's that morning cup when you first get to the office or that afternoon pick-me-up, coffee is what fuels the American workplace.

Since coffee plays a major role in making employees productive, it makes sense that having a coffee station in your office would increase productivity. But is an office coffee station really worth it? Does the increase in productivity really outweigh the cost of providing free coffee in the office?

The short answer is yes! Here are some ways that having an office coffee station can make your office a more productive place.

1. Skip the Daily Coffee Shop Run

Most of your employees are drinking coffee at least once, if not a few times a day. If your office doesn't offer free coffee, then where are they getting their coffee? The local coffee shop, of course.

And this means that they're leaving the office, at least once, if not multiple times a day to get their coffee fix. A survey done by Staples Advantage Canada found that half of the respondents spent at least 20 minutes outside the office each day getting coffee. No one wants to be the time police, but at least 20 minutes every day adds up to a lot of lost time in the long run.

Adding an office coffee station to your workplace makes it so that employees don't need to leave the office for their cuppa. Even providing a pot of regular and a pot of decaf, using quality decaf coffee beans, will be enough to keep most employees from leaving the office to get their coffee. This simple step not only caters to the varied preferences of your team but also promotes a more inclusive and considerate workplace environment, ensuring everyone can enjoy a coffee break without compromising their dietary or health requirements. The convenience of getting a quick cup outweighs the desire for fancy coffee.

If you want to offer more variety, consider stocking up on a variety of coffee brands and flavors, keeping a variety of add-in options handy, or even getting an espresso machine. Having a decked out coffee station will ensure that your employees don’t have to leave to get their caffeine fix no matter what their coffee preferences are. Even if some of your employees prefer cappuccinos or lattes, they can still get their perfect cup of java without leaving the office. Simply invest in a coffee machine with an in-built milk frother or equip your coffee station with a handheld milk frother that doesn't break the bank whatsoever.

Wondering about all the different options you can provide in your office coffee station? Here's a guide with all the information you need.  And if you can't get enough, check out the great coffee blog by the folks at Convergent Coffee.

2. Boost Focus

Caffeine is well-known for its ability to boost productivity. One of the ways it helps boost productivity is by boosting focus.

Caffeine is a stimulant that works on the central nervous system. Consuming caffeine boosts the production of the hormone dopamine, which helps our brains focus. Dopamine also helps the brain maintain concentration, which allows us to focus on the task at hand for longer periods of time.

Caffeine also helps us feel more alert and awake, which makes us feel more capable of focusing on work.

When your employees can take a quick break and grab a cup of coffee, they can come back to their desks more capable of handling the work in front of them.

3. Beat the Afternoon Slump

Everyone who works in an office knows about the dreaded afternoon slump. Around two or three in the afternoon, your eyelids start to feel a little heavy. You look down at the clock and realize you've been staring at your screen doing nothing for a whole five minutes. The motivation to work is just about gone and the countdown to five o'clock is on.

What's the best way to beat this afternoon slump? Grabbing a cup of coffee! For those who can tolerate having caffeine in the afternoon, taking a break for a quick cup can wake them up just enough to make it through the rest of the day.

And coffee can provide the motivational boost your employees need as well. One survey conducted by a digital marketing agency found that their employees reported much higher levels of motivation when they were drinking coffee as opposed to when they weren't drinking coffee.

So, if you want your employees to make it through the afternoon slump as productive as they were all morning, providing free coffee in the office is a great solution. And remember to stock decaf for those folks who need a little boost but can't handle a full jolt of caffeine past noon.

4. Get an Attitude Adjustment

A cranky coworker can have a huge impact on the workplace. Their mood can permeate the entire office, especially if there's an afternoon of meetings ahead.

Looking for a way to cheer up those cranky coworkers? Grab them a cup of coffee from the office coffee station. Coffee is a proven way to turn around a bad mood.

One study conducted by The Harvard School of Public Health found that drinking coffee can elevate mood the same amount as a mild anti-depressant. Of course, that doesn't mean that coffee is an effective treatment for depression, but it does prove that coffee is a great way to get in a better mood.

Providing free coffee for your employees is a perfect way to make sure that everyone can get the attitude adjustment they need when they're having a bad day.

5. Build Camaraderie

When your employees have strong relationships with their coworkers, they're more likely to enjoy coming to work. They're also more likely to work harder because they see their efforts as contributing to the office community. They want to succeed so that their coworkers can succeed as well.

One great way to foster good relationships between coworkers is to have seating in the office coffee station. While it might seem like this will promote wasting time, which equals less productivity, spending time building relationships with coworkers isn't wasted time. It pays off in the long run by making your employees more satisfied and your teams more cohesive.

Adding an Office Coffee Station to Your Workplace

Yes, it can cost a lot of money to have an office coffee station. And in these times when businesses need to cut as many costs as possible, an office coffee station can seem like an unnecessary cost. But providing free coffee to your employees will increase productivity in numerous ways, so it pays for itself in the long run.

For more information about how to increase productivity in your business, check out that category in our blog!

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