5 Tried-and-True Tips for Improving Your Business Image

5 Tried-and-True Tips for Improving Your Business Image

Many business owners become entangled with beating competition, customer acquisition, and sourcing of businesses’ finances and forget the importance of corporate image. While doing so, they miss out on the countless benefits of a reputable business image. Brand image is essential in building a long-lasting impression, bolstering credibility, boosting product and business performance, and creating brand loyalty.

What can negatively impact your business image?

Corporate image is fragile, and every action by the owners and employees matters in influencing outsiders’ perceptions of the brand. Situations of poor-quality customer support, failing to live up to your brand reputation, unconquerable stigmas surrounding your product or service line, a non-responsive website, and less-than-glowing customer reviews can severely damage your business image if not handled appropriately.

The lack of a commercial address is another prime example of a factor that can adversely affect your business image. Owners of fully-remote businesses often face the dilemma of using their home addresses as their operating business addresses. Unfortunately, using your home address and publicly listing it on your business website poses a threat to your safety and privacy. Not to mention, it gives your target market the impression that your company isn’t credible.

On the flip side, failure to have a physical address puts your business at a disadvantage. Your business fails to capitalize on benefits like credibility, professional image, and availability of a meeting place for clients that accompany a physical office space. That said, fully-remote companies should invest in virtual offices to keep their brand image intact.

Tips for improving your corporate image

You may have great products and services, but your brand story needs to capture onlooker’s attention for customers to resonate with your brand. Similarly, your target customer must believe that you are worth their time.

One way to grab your target market’s attention is by refining your brand. With this in mind, below are some tips for improving your business mage.

Make your brand unique

Capitalize on the distinctiveness of your brand and make it your unique selling point. Set your brand apart from the competition and make it easily identifiable by customers. Otherwise, if your brand has no uniqueness, it will get lost among the thousands of brands out there.

Build an engaging website

Your website says a lot about your business. After all, your site is the first thing your clients stumble across when performing a Google search. Therefore, you’ll need to ensure speedy load times,  a professional appearance, easy-to-navigate pages, and eye-catching graphics.

An impressive website that is up to scratch in terms of usability, SEO performance, and aesthetics pays off by boosting your image as well as your organic ranking.

Embrace eco-friendliness

In the process of remodelling your brand, keep the environment at the forefront of your focus. If not handled properly, day-to-day business activities can negatively impact this planet we call home. Poor waste disposal, overconsumption of paper, and using building materials from non-renewable sources are examples of business activities that can harm the environment. Steer clear from planet-destroying processes when attempting to bolster your brand image.

Be open with your company values

What is your ethos? Do you share your views on social injustices? What does your brand stand for? Other than displaying your values on the website, talk openly about them. Associate your brand with social activist groups that align with your values. Beyond words, actively participate to get noticed. Actions speak louder than words.

Offer high-quality products and customer support

Walk your talk by creating high-quality products. Great products, accompanied with exemplary customer service, retain customers, and attract new ones as well. Word of mouth travels fast, making it a robust marketing tool. Make sure you keep your customers happy to get positive feedback.

Final word

Corporate image can make or break your business. Given its criticality, companies should go above and beyond to safeguard their business image. Be consistent, develop a strong social media presence, and inspire your employees to look the part of creating a corporate image that is hard to beat. Be intentional about your corporate image and continuously work to improve it for optimal results.