5 Things to Make or Break your Website for SEO Success

5 Things to Make or Break your Website for SEO Success

Marketing is synonymous with the web now. We aren't saying there is no place for offline promotion, but we all know your website has a huge say in the success or failure of most modern businesses. Part of that is ensuring that your website is set up with successful SEO. You may want to hire a designer to do it all for you, or you may want to do it yourself. Regardless of which approach you adopt, it is essential to know what you are trying to achieve. Additionally, you should involve yourself in the implementation of the strategy.

Market Research

Google ranking is the go-to metric for judging the SEO success of a website. But what terms are we looking to have our website turn up for? Successfully working this out is the number one challenge in the website game. Finding out who your typical customer is, and what they would search for to find you, is what we're talking about here. Simple surveys can ask what they search for to find you. Analyzing your web stats also gives data on where customers came from to your website, or if they visit directly.

Quality Backlinks

Who is writing about you online is important. When another website posts a link to you this is beneficial in two ways. Firstly, any visitors to that site may directly use the link and discover your website. Secondly, search engines monitor how many backlinks you have and how popular the websites they come from are. Links from sites with high traffic are more valuable than those with low traffic. Getting your links on these sites are a large part of a successful SEO strategy. Ways of achieving this range from organic strategies where you are just so good you are written about, to also creating partnerships with other companies. You can even pay for articles to appear on high-traffic sites.

Proper Coding

As well as looking good and having the correct info presented in a well-written way, the website needs to be coded properly. Otherwise, you could miss out on vital web traffic. There is information hidden in the coding that the user never sees. This is essential to inform the search engine what the subject of the site is. Look at this Meta Tags guide to see why this info is essential.

The Long Tail

Naturally, we should look at our list of keywords that we want to score highly on with the search engines. This shows us what our customers are looking for. In addition to the main terms, we should give sufficient attention to long-tail keywords. These are words and terms that rank much lower in terms of numbers but are more specific. Therefore the small number of visitors from them may be more likely to convert into sales. A good example from the link above was the Italian food business, the competition for "Italian food" as a search term will be fierce. But if you specialize in lasagne or vegan dishes, concentrate on those terms which are less popular, but more relevant to your business.

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