5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Organic Reach on Social Media

Simple Ways to Boost Your Organic Reach on Social Media

An increasing number of brands and companies are facing challenges scaling up organic reach on social media. A study by Social Media Examiner shows that 47% of marketers want to increase their organic activity on Facebook. Organic content can help you to truly connect with potential customers once they start following you. While paid efforts help to spread awareness of your brand, organic efforts can gain long-term benefits.

In this article, we will share the 5 most effective ways to increase your organic reach.

Focus On The Best Platforms For Your Brand

It is impossible to be active on every social media platform out there. Choosing specific networks will help you focus your efforts and get the best return on your time investment. Find out your target audience and what defines them. A more specific definition will help you make better decisions later on. What are their demographics? What are they interested in? In which industry do they work, and what is their income?

With a detailed audience profile, you can now assess which platforms suit your brand. Take a look at the demographics of the individual platforms. You should also consider how active your target group is on the respective networks. For instance, young users may have a profile on Facebook, but they are more active on TikTok or Instagram. It's also worth taking a look at your competitors. Where are they most successful and reach the target group best?

Find The Best Time To Post

Posts on social media have a limited lifetime. So it is important to publish them when your target audience will see them. If you want to find out when a post reaches most potential customers, you have to analyze on which days and times the interaction is highest. Besides your own page, you should take your competitors into consideration.

Boost reach

Daytime Analysis, Fanpage Karma

A glance at the daytime analysis shows exactly at which hours there were the most interactions. These times are most promising. Regularly check which times are most successful, since markets, competitors, and user behavior change constantly. If you work internationally, don’t forget to keep time zones in mind. Create separate analysis for different time zones to avoid getting your posting time wrong. Posting multiple times a day is not necessary, and posting once a month is too infrequent. Find a balance and stay consistent. Check Fanpage Karma to find the best time to post in your industry!

Post The Right Type Of Content

The content you share can make or break the way your brand is perceived. You have to determine which content is appropriate for your audience, brand, and chosen social media platforms. Social media is all about starting a conversation. But if your audience isn't interested in the topic, the work was all for nothing. So only share relevant and timely content. Every social network offers you new opportunities to connect with potential customers, so take advantage of what it has to offer. Choose content that stands out from the crowd and strengthens your relationships.

Use Strong Hashtags

Hashtags will help you achieve a high organic reach on social media. With the right hashtag you can increase brand awareness, attract new users and make posts easier to find. Search your niche for specific hashtags to spread your content with the right audience. You easily find out which ones are the most successful in your branch by analyzing your competitors. Remember to keep hashtags simple and relevant to make sure that you pick something people are searching for and can easily remember. But, don’t overuse hashtags! Every network has it own befitting frequency and crossing it can lead to less engagement. For example, Instagram recently recommended to only use between 3 and 5 hashtags.


Hashtag Composer, Fanpage Karma

Engage With Your Community

Generating organic reach is never easier than when people come directly to your profile. If you properly engage with people and respond to their comments, you'll build a reputation that will spread. People will seek out your posts because they are truly interested in what you do. Building this kind of bond is important for all aspects of your business. Plus, it can have a viral effect on your organic reach. Word-of-mouth will spread to new members of your audience, who will in turn find out what your business has to offer.


There are various ways to improve your organic reach easily and efficiently. Pay attention to what appeals to your target group. Then, try to reach users with the right tactics. If you adapt your strategy correctly, you can achieve your social media goals. But remember, it is all about optimization, user experience and high-quality content.

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