5 Reasons Why You Should Start Selling On Amazon

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Selling On Amazon

For any eCommerce business, Amazon appears to be the bad guy. You try to do everything by the book — invest in quality marketing, build a great website, and provide good products to customers, for example — but you still end up losing out on the reputation of this online giant.

In simple terms, no online website can directly compete with Amazon as the eCommerce giant is in a league of its own. This can become extremely frustrating.

This means you will probably see more success by viewing Amazon as a selling tool that your business can greatly benefit from instead of a competitor. Changing your outlook may be difficult but it could mean the difference between success and failure, however, you should always understand the rules and fees when selling on amazon, such as storage costs, Amazon goodwill refund, shipping costs, etc.

Here are the 5 main reasons why you should start selling on Amazon.

1. You Don’t Need To Build A Website

An amazing reason to start selling on Amazon is that you don’t need to fork out to build a website. These take a lot of upfront money and time to both look good and also become a functional platform where you can sell products.

Selling on Amazon eliminated this worry. Amazon ranks highly in terms of SEO which means the hard part is already done, and customers will have full access to your products on the Amazon website whenever they want to.

You also don’t need to make a product page on the website. Sellers all share the same page so you don’t need to specify keywords or take images for Amazon.

2. Millions Of Potential Customers

Trying to find dedicated clients or customers is one of the scariest things about selling online. With Amazon, this worry is wiped away before you even set sail on your selling journey!

Amazon has amazing brand recognition and boasts over 310 million active customer accounts around the world with over 100 million Prime members. These figures may seem overwhelming but they could make or break your selling experience!

With such a huge customer base, eCommerce sales are undoubtedly up, which means that Amazon is the place to be as a seller.

All you need to do is pick a product that customers want and then Amazon can handle the rest for you.

3. Low Start-Up Costs

One of the biggest issues associated with starting up a business is that you must have a considerable amount of upfront capital. Many businesses require tens of thousands of dollars to get off the ground!

Amazon business requires little upfront money. You can begin the process by using items in your home or even source your inventory from yard sales or thrift stores. Either of these methods will help you to put your foot in the door without breaking the bank! There are some costs associated with making one of these accounts, however. For example, you will need to pay a monthly fee in addition to those brought on by every order. You may also want to invest in Amazon seller accounting automation to help you keep track of your financials and ensure you are continuing to turn a profit.

You also need very little external equipment. Some of the basics include a smartphone, tape, boxes, a computer, paper, printer, and address labels.

4. The Ease Of Selling

Creating a selling account on Amazon is a pretty easy process that takes barely any time. Simply put, you could decide to start selling on Amazon today and then have your product listing officially set up within only a few hours!

There are some costs associated with making one of these accounts, however. For example, you will need to pay a monthly fee in addition to those brought on by every order.

If you’re a little unsure about whether it’s for you or not, the barrier to entry for trying is quite low.

5. Amazon Does Its Share Of The Work

When you sell on Amazon, the customers that you encounter are Amazon’s at first. The company will handle a lot of the difficult technical details but will also take on lots of customer service issues, especially if you use Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA).

Having Amazon on your side will free up a lot of time for you to work on other areas of your selling business. They will take on customer inquiries, address changes, and order problems to name a few.

When you don’t have to worry about packing or shipping your items or dealing with customer queries, you will likely get a lot more done!


These are the 5 reasons why you should start selling with Amazon. Hopefully, after reading this article, you have now been able to make up your mind about whether or not you are going to start selling with the eCommerce giant. There are so many benefits that you could see a considerable amount of revenue in a short period. What’s not to love?

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