10 Strategies You Should Follow For Selling More On Amazon

10 Strategies You Should Follow For Selling More On Amazon

FBA marketing, responding to Q&A, prioritizing customer reviews, uploading clear images, and setting the right prices are influencing selling more on Amazon

Amazon is one of the greatest & most prominent online-based selling platforms. And has been ensuring premium product qualities & excellent customer services since the beginning. 

Therefore, Amazon has become a highly lucrative option for sellers to market their products. However, in recent times the number of sellers registering with Amazon has increased significantly. Thus, it has become more challenging than ever to compete with thousands of merchants.

The following strategies can help you tackle the adverse situations that you may encounter to stay ahead in a highly competitive marketplace like Amazon

1. Be A Part of Amazon FBA

FBA marketing means Fulfillment by Amazon. As a merchant, you will have to ship the products to your customers. But with Amazon FBA, some of your responsibilities become Amazon’s responsibilities, particularly warehousing, order fulfillment, and customer service.

Using Amazon will increase your purchases from organic search, because there are 213 unique visitors per month in the US. That said, you need to send your goods to Amazon’s storehouse before taking any order. When the customer confirms an order, Amazon packs your product & ships them to the customer on your behalf.

You don’t need to think or do much once affiliated with this FBA program. Also, some other added benefits that Amazon provides are taking responsibility for your product & ensuring its credibility. Also, the shipment arrives in due time. 

The merchants who are part of the FBA program will be bolstered by Amazon's comprehensive logistics team, and so they can improve their product quality and leave the rest to Amazon. This is why over 66% of the top merchants of Amazon are part of the FBA.

You will also have the Amazon FBA refund policy to help minimize your losses, and not take any liability if Amazon makes any mistake while distributing your products.

2. Target the Buy Box

Buy Box is the first page of goods & items when a customer inserts specific keywords about a product. It is similar to search engine optimization (SEO). So, it is crucial for you to be on the first page once a customer searches for a product you sell.

That said, you need to make certain factors right to land your product on the buy box. First, you need to meet the pricing adequately. Lowering the price doesn’t mean that you will win a buy box. You need to have decent customer reviews & good ratings too

Coming up on the buy box increases your sale chances & percentages significantly.

3. Try Getting Into Amazon Prime Community

Amazon started the Amazon Prime community for members with exclusive opportunities & rewards.

Being a part of this community, you get some additional facilities such as discounts in certain groceries, access to media content like Spotify, Netflix, etc. Most importantly, you remain assured of shipping within two days of order placement, which is by far the most lucrative facility offered by Amazon

As a seller, the quicker you make a shipment, the more you attract customers. Also, you get the prime seller status which helps you in selling more on Amazon. Buyers tend to buy more from premium certified sellers than local merchants because of the confidence & credibility.

4. Thorough Groundwork on Your Niche

With the ever-growing popularity of Amazon & many sellers entering the marketplace every day, the competition is becoming harder than ever. What you want to sell has to be unique when tackling hundreds of buyers selling the same product as yours. Use Amazon seller tools to gain an advantage.

Do a thorough groundwork on customer demands. Then try to come up with some unique products, so you can win the buy box nine out of ten times when a customer searches. You can also try starting a group of products containing unique items each to land your sale more promptly.  Also, try to experiment with different images for split tests.  When you test Amazon product images you have the chance to see what converts best.

5. Be Proactive in the Q&A Section

Q&A section is probably the most overlooked and underrated section, but it can help boost your sales. When a customer wants to buy an item, he/she reads the reviews & Q&A section first. Not finding answers to the questions, creates doubt in the customer's mind which is the last thing you want as a seller.

Therefore, become active in the Q&A section. It doesn’t take much time to answer the questions. But by doing so, you can increase your credibility & customer services significantly

6. Carefully Consider the Reviews

Not only the customers but also Amazon pays close attention to the reviews. So, try to provide better product qualities because ultimately, that is your key to reaching the apex. Also, keep a close connection to your customers & be friendly. It's always a good idea to encourage and even incentivize your customers to write reviews about your products.

What to do about the negative reviews? First, don’t ignore the bad comments. Try to contact the customer personally & explain the situation. Sometimes, doing so will earn you more positive reviews & ultimately help to grow your business

7. Mind the Pricing

Remember that there are thousands of sellers with the exact products you want to sell, and therefore selling more on Amazon takes strategy. So, study the market carefully before pricing. Keep a close eye on the Amazon automated pricing tool to set better prices in times of price fluctuation.

Also, calculate your supposed profit margin first & come up with a better price tag that will match your incremental profit margins.

8. Larger & Clearer Images

A picture of the product is the only way to gain the trust of your customers in an online marketplace. Therefore, your uploaded image should be crystal clear & prominent. If a buyer can’t read the manuals or precautions written on the product while zooming, he/she won’t buy from you at all.

Amazon also has the prerequisites of uploading images. Your picture needs to be at least 1006 pixels. Try uploading the actual photo of the product. Remember to keep a white background.

9. Stick to Amazon's Selling Rules

If you don’t follow the selling rules provided by Amazon, you will get penalized or may be banned from Amazon. So, carefully read the policy page & strictly follow the rules to avoid any infringements. 

10. Keywords & Product Details

Keywords are one of the most vital points to increase your sale. Do thorough research from a buyer’s point of view to find the most suitable keywords. Thus, your products will have the increased odds to win the buy box.

Don’t forget to mention the product details too. Try putting as much detailed information as you can to gain the trust of the buyers.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, think of a way Amazon fits within your existing business & follow that strategy. Incorporating other techniques later will aid in selling more on Amazon.

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