5 DIY Garage Transformation Ideas

DIY Garage Transformation Ideas

If looking at your garage makes you want to claw out your eyes, it is well past time that you did something with it. We don’t mean simply giving it a clean, we mean a garage transformation is in order. A garage doesn’t have to be for cars, or storage, it can be a whole new space. 

DIY designing your garage and turning it from a messy hellhole into a beautiful new space is not as hard as you may think, you just need some time, a bit of cash, and the know-how. 

You could just give it a bit of organization, or you could go completely the other way with it and give it a full-blown makeover, transforming it into a new space. 

You could do either of these things to help, but we prefer the second option and will showcase why below. 

Transforming Your Garage

You can think up a million ideas on how you can turn your garage into something pretty amazing, but in this post we have plenty of cool ideas, and we are sure that Garage Transformed can help you with how to go about this. 

However, there are so many choices, it is something you will need to think about. If you aren’t using your garage for anything particular, consider what you could benefit from most. A workspace? A home gym? Extra living space for yourself, a kitchen expansion? 

It's all up to you! 

Things To Be Aware Of

Before you get cracking, we want to go over a few things you need to remember. 

#1. Doing It Yourself

DIY garage transformation jobs are awesome and so rewarding, but you need to remember, you will have a budget, and you need to stick to that. It can be easier to do yourself because of the budget but don’t allow the temptation to go wild take over. 

You will also be setting yourself a challenge to complete this, and you will need to be confident in doing this. It can be satisfying, but you need to remember that there will be challenges. 

You need to be financially ready, and you need to be ready for the challenge of doing so. Do not overestimate your abilities in doing this either, if you do, you could mess it all up.

#2. Have A Plan

You should have a solid plan, this means drawing up ideas, and maybe having some blueprints, know what you want and the steps you will take to do so. 

If you approach the idea of giving your garage a makeover without actually planning it you can end up with all sorts of problems. 

Know how you will do it, where things will go, in what order, and what you need to do so. 

#3. Be Cautious With Coatings

When we say coatings we mean floor coatings. Damaged floors can have a huge impact on how the place looks, and if you need to repair you can do a quick fix, but it doesn't really protect your floor, and it doesn’t last long either. 

So, for flooring it is best to go big for lasting results for your garage transformation.

#4. Try To Create Extra Living Space

If you want to have an extra living space in place of your garage think about this first. Using a garage simply as a garage is a good idea for the home’s value as many homebuyers will look for this. 

However, if you have no intention to resell your home, go for it with extra space, but if you know you want to sell one day, remember you will get more if you keep it for its intended purpose. 

5 Ideas To Transform Your Garage

So, what are some ideas that you can use for your own garage transformation with these things in mind? 

Here are 5 ideas to get your brain whirring. 

#1. A Home Office

Home offices are in big order right now. Since the pandemic, many people are working from home and many want a home that will give them a quality space for working. 

It could be for your kids to do their homework, for study areas, or if you work from home, it can function as a permanent office. 

Garages can be located away from main living areas, so they also are nice and quiet for perfect work areas to be situated. 

#2. A Hobby Area/Room

If you have hobbies, things like garages can be amazing places for doing what you love. You can keep this zone dedicated to one purpose which gives you more space in the rest of your house. 

You could have a games room, a home cinema, a den, a reading room, a workshop, a gaming area, and so on. 

Having a space dedicated to your hobby means that you can outfit the room exactly for that without impacting the layout of your home overall. It can also fit the space, narrow areas that might have been useless as a garage can be perfect for your craft. 

Of course, this all depends on what your hobby actually is, but it can be the perfect space for you to enjoy the things you love without impacting others. It's your happy place! 

#3. Kitchen Extension

This idea only really applies if your kitchen and garage are adjacent, otherwise, it doesn’t really work. However, if they are, you can take down a wall and give yourself a kitchen extension. Which can fix narrow issues that make kitchen spaces awkward. 

This is especially ideal if you have a kitchen-diner area, it enhances the space and opens it up more. 

You could bring in a roof lantern, skylights or something similar that will make it feel more calm and large. 

You should also split it into specific zones to make it more manageable as a large new kitchen space. 

Keeping this in mind, if your living room is adjacent to your garage, you could do the same thing with this. 

#4. Utility Space

If none of these ideas appeal to you so far, this is one that usually appeals to most. Garages can make amazing utility rooms, and sometimes people will use a large garage as a utility room cross garage. 

Utility rooms are pivotal for those with pets such as large dogs, but they are also very important for keeping laundry out of the way and in a good space that is designated to it. 

These spaces often offer easy access to the back door/ garden area, and will also make cleaning your home easier. You will have a space for your washer and dryer, as well as your vacuum, mops, and other cleaning supplies you don’t want to be storing in direct sight. 

You could even add another restroom if you wanted, giving you extra options, although, for this, you would want to hire a plumber, unless you, yourself are a plumber.

#5. Home Gym

This could count as a hobby room, we suppose, but if you are big on working out and are fed up with the extortionate rates they set at public gyms, just install a home gym, sure it's expensive at first but over time you save a huge chunk of money. 

It also means in the colder months, you don’t have to suffer going outside to get your workout, you can just do your usual routine at home! 

Having a dedicated space to work out can be great, just make sure you choose the right flooring and safety gear for this kind of thing, and air conditioning wouldn’t hurt either. 

Soundproofing might also be wise as well!

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