5 Best Rental Cars for Business Trips in Dubai


Best Rental Cars for Business Trips in Dubai

Have you ever explored Dubai? If not, you must travel there at least once in your lifetime. To discover all the eye-popping spots solo or with your loved ones! Dubai is one of the 7 stunning cities in the United Arab Emirates. The city of Dubai is well known for sightseeing that attracts a tremendous crowd from over the world. Many visit Dubai for various reasons. Some people visit to explore Dubai for jaw-dropping locations for vacation, some visit for the sake of pleasure, and others come for business trips, thus rental cars are popular.

In the UAE, Dubai is categorized as the top city to work and live in. Plus, Dubai, the commercial capital of UAE, is famously termed as an attractive city both in terms of professional as well as private life.

Trust me, exploring Dubai might turn out to be an unforgettable experience. If you look forward to spending time in Dubai city, then you may rent a car for comfortable navigation. And that will avoid the nuisance of traveling by public transport.

Well, these are the 5 best cars to rent for your business trips. Check them out!

1. Toyota FJ Cruiser

This Toyota FJ Cruiser is certainly one of the top cars in UAE and rates 8th position of all the 32 brands. Its dashing features are it has skid plates, watertight cloth upholstery up to 4.7-meters long, and a fantastic audio system along with Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

The vehicle's design is apt and matches your style. The Toyota's seating on the front side is advanced providing superior visibility. Plus, for the rear and side view, it has got big side mirrors.

2. Nissan Sunny 2020

The Nissan Sunny has absolutely luxurious features including Parking Sensors, Fog Lights, Reverse Camera, Steering Assist, cooling seats, SRS Airbags, Moonroof & Sunroof, Built-in GPS, Power Door Mirror & Door Locks, Power Windows, Adaptive Cruise Control, and that 5 individuals can comfortably take a seat.

This car was designed to adhere to all your comfort queries, you can travel with a completely noiseless engine and so it costs about $120 per day in Dubai.

3. Kia Cerato GT Hatch 2019

With an attractive interior and great visibility, it is spacious as well as cozy. Kia Cerato gives access to Bluetooth streaming and is perfect for driving even for daily use, as it has a sporting ability. Moreover, it has got logically positioned instructions and switches.

Plus, with an ANCAP rating of 5-star, it has many advanced safety components. If you look at the car, it is fast with speed-wise acceleration and performance flexibility. Overall, the Kia Cerato is among the top rental cars in Dubai.

4. Kia Sportage 2018

In spite of the small cargo, Kia Sportage has a good anticipated reliability rating and is one of the top 3 compact SUV classes. With lots of attractive features including more back-seat, Premium interior, agile handling, two rows of spacious seats, more legroom, and headroom. This car is designed only with high-quality materials in its interior and that's awesome.

Although it isn't the best one when considering its fuel capacity, it guarantees comfort and safety, the basic quality of a rental car. With this modern ride, enjoy your business trip!

5. Hyundai Accent

The 5th option that we've got you is the Hyundai Accent. If you guys are looking for a perfect car that incorporates economy, performance as well as style, this car is the one. Plus, it provides exceptional four-cylinder engines offering better power than predicted.

With the best safety ratings among the rental cars, it presents a vast range of safety qualities, which contains rear & side airbags and attractive styling. Hyundai Accent is one of the best-performing as well as the best-created economy rental cars on the streets of Dubai.

  • Summing it up

Winding up, if you are using the above-mentioned rental cars while traveling in Dubai for your business trip it will definitely deliver you utter comfort and amenity!

Whether a long or short trip, by driving such cars you will treasure the experience when renting a rental car for your business trip. Just make sure you have all the required documents and you are 21. Beware! Not to break any of the traffic laws in the city so you won't have to pay a fine for yourself. Other than that, enjoy yourself to the core while you go on rental cars for your business trip.

Further, you could explore the rental car services in Dubai too. In case of queries, ping us a comment!

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