4 Signs You Are Ready to Make a Shift from Demo Account to Live FX Account

Make a Shift from Demo Account to Live FX Account

Most traders deposit money with a brokerage firm with the expectation of making huge profits. However, they eventually learn that trading FX is not as simple as it appears. A demo trading account can assist traders in familiarising themselves with certain experiments. Such as using the best forex robots or evaluating new strategies without the risk of losing their capital. However, traders can then continue on to investing in a live FX account after becoming accustomed to the demo trading circumstances. Transitioning from a demo account to a live FX account may be a huge learning curve. Below are several indicators that you're ready for it.

1. You have a proper risk management strategy

It is a widely held view that successful investing is the consequence of solid setups and a sound risk management technique. There are moments when the marketplace swings out of control. This can leave you questioning your research and trading abilities. Throughout these challenging circumstances, your risk management system may be the single thing that keeps your account safe.

If you haven't already, start by writing down your risk assessment guidelines in your trading log. Include percentage risk, the deepest drop you can sustain, and when to cease trading following a string of losses.

To put it simply, a proper risk management plan should include:

  • A time frame on how much time you may spend trading
  • The utmost amount of money you're willing to risk losing on a regular basis
  • When should you quit trading after a losing streak
  • Maximum depletion
  • Comprehending the concept of a stop loss

2. You feel comfortable with the trading platform

You must acquaint yourself with all elements of your trading system prior to investing in a live FX account. Ensure you are familiar with all of its features and not just the most important ones. If you want to get the most out of the platform, you'll need to know how to utilize these functionalities as well.

You should feel comfortable using the research tools and continue to explore the platform. It's best if you use the same brokerage for your demo account as you do for your live FX trading account. As a result, you should know all of the intricacies and previously resolve any errors or concerns.

Take additional time to strengthen your understanding of your trading platform if you have any doubts. Or, if you don't fully comprehend particular elements before going on to actual transactions.

3. You are Making Consistent Profits

Losing is an unavoidable feature of the market's ever-changing trading circumstances. Trading isn't a get-rich-quick plan, and profitability should be a long-term objective. Concentrate on improving your abilities in identifying high-probability configurations with reasonable reward-to-risk ratios and creating techniques to assist you to limit your losses and increasing your winnings.

It is not a constructive or viable technique to evaluate your successes at the conclusion of every trading day. Make sure to review your profits every month to evaluate if your methods are performing and make any changes that are required.

4. You have realistic goals and defined strategies

It's critical to set reasonable standards and objectives before moving to a live FX account. Your objectives should represent your ambition to generate an amount of revenue, but they must also be realistic. When you start live trading, make a list of your long-term objectives as well as the short-term objectives for better evaluation.

Furthermore, on your demo account, you must have built at least some form of trading strategy. You should adjust it till it is regularly generating favorable outcomes. Make sure to look into various FX trading methods and plans as well to ensure that what you have now is the ideal option for you.


If you identify all of the above signals in your present trading approach, you may be ready to open a live FX trading account. Maintain the trading strategy that provides you the assurance to go from a demo to a live FX account. If you're having more losses than gains in your real account, it will be better to take a pause and go back to demo trading to practice. Observe your shortcomings to improve for the future.

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