4 Reasons Print Still Matters For Marketing Your Business

Reasons Print Still Matters For Marketing Your Business

In today's digital world, it's enough to just have a solid social media or online presence, right? Wrong! Here are four reasons print marketing still matters and how you can use it to increase your business success.

1. Posters Set A Tone

Posters are such a basic advertising strategy that they're easy to forget. However, a quality poster allows you to convey essential information about your business in a bold way. A clear logo and a color scheme will give your business a brand and make it stand out from others.

The quality of the materials is important as well. A good printer will use high-quality paper and ink to ensure your incredible graphic design looks polished and professional. Search “get posters printed near me” to find a local shop that will work with you to guarantee your print marketing looks great. They'll help you determine what sizes suit your needs and provide the best results.

2. Mailers Generate Conversion

Mail — it's not just for baby boomers these days. Heading to the mailbox isn't just a chore for everyone. 40% of Americans actually look forward to going to check the mail. With younger consumers not getting as much mail, each piece has a more significant impact. Plus, while social media platforms are crowded with competitors, your mailer may be the only thing in the mailbox that day.

Direct mail is also a great chance to carry through your branding, logo, and color scheme. The more frequently customers see your graphic design, the more likely it will be remembered.

3. Catalogs Let Consumers Unplug

The digital world is so all-encompassing these days that we're carving out time to close the laptop and put the phone on silent. If your business offers a more extensive inventory or list of services, a catalog can provide a leisurely way for customers to browse without getting distracted by constant notifications.

And when you typically get only 10-20 seconds of viewers' time on a web page, having them thumb through a catalog will command much more of their time. Comparing similar products is a page flip instead of juggling multiple tabs and screens. Product descriptions are a way to be clever and entertaining while supporting your company's brand.

Catalogs can be expensive to print, so having a targeted mailing list will help you defray costs while ensuring you reach your most likely customers. There may be some people you want to receive a mailer or postcard, but not a full catalog.

4. Brochures Provide In-Depth Information

If your customers need more information to decide on your products or services, a brochure is an excellent way to organize information in a digestible way.

They can emphasize how your business differs from competitors and why potential customers should go with you. This is especially true if you're selling more expensive products or services and if consumers are likely to comparison shop or consult other family members before making a final decision.

It's too easy to make your brochures too long and too wordy, so make sure you edit well and keep it limited to the essential points. What do you want your customers to remember, and what do you want readers to do when they finish your brochure?

Don't Forget the Power of the Pen (And Paper)

While no business these days can be without a digital strategy, print marketing is still an important part of your business. Choosing a memorable graphic design strategy, ensuring a high-quality physical product, and deciding what kinds of print material you need will allow you to present quality and competence to your future customers. Whatever you do, make sure you leave customers with more than a digital impression.

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