4 Great Options for a Career as a Travel Agent: Which is Right for You?

4 Great Options for a Career as a Travel Agent: Which is Right for You?

Becoming a travel agent is an appealing and glamorous proposition. It can be a good career move for all sorts of people. In fact, you might be surprised by how many different types of roles and experiences are encompassed by this broader category of travel expert. Here’s a look at a few career options worth considering if you like the sound of taking up the mantle of travel agent.

Cruise Ship Travel Agent: A Life on the Open Seas

Have you ever dreamed of a life sailing between ports, among the waves? As a cruise ship travel agent, your job is to help guests plan and book their perfect voyage. You’ll work directly with clients within this resilient industry to customize packages. You will work within their budget, while providing all the amenities they need for an unforgettable experience.

From organizing shore excursions and tours at each port to helping them find special entertainment options onboard. You are responsible for making sure everything goes smoothly during their journey.

And best of all? You can join in as well! Enjoy fabulous meals, take part in activities like yoga classes or karaoke nights, relax by the poolside bar. This career offers something truly unique and exciting.

Disney Travel Agent: Make Magic Come True for Guests

Avid fans of the House of Mouse should definitely consider working as a Disney travel agent for their next career move.

As a specialist in all things 'happiest place on earth', your job is to help families plan and book their dream trip to the various Disney resorts and experiences worldwide. You will use your knowledge of the parks, resorts, restaurants, attractions and more to create customized packages that suit each customer’s specific needs – from budget-friendly stays at one of the value hotels to VIP experiences with special access passes.

Plus, you can even take advantage of exclusive benefits offered by working with Disney, like discounts on merchandise and admission, as well as invitations to attend events or sneak previews of attractions before they open up publicly. So it’s a win-win situation for Disney-obsessed individuals from all walks of life.

Specialty Tour Guide: Adventure Awaits Around Every Corner

Travel is all about indulging a passion for exploring cultures, landscapes, and history worldwide. With a career as a specialty tour guide, you can turn this into your full time job!

You will be responsible for helping guests plan and book customized tours to their desired destination. From arranging transportation to organizing activities at each stop, you’ll be at the helm of the entire vacation.

Not only that, but having in-depth knowledge of local sights, culture, and customs can help add an extra layer of excitement along the way. Whether it’s taking them off-the-beaten path or introducing them to hidden gems, as long as you are passionate about traveling and enjoy meeting new people – this could be your perfect calling.

Corporate Jet Setter: VIP Service at its Finest

The great thing about being a travel agent is that you don’t just have to focus on vacationing tourists. If you’d rather be providing exceptional customer service to high-flying business people, then consider becoming a corporate jet setter.

As the go-to expert in all things luxury, your job is to provide personalized assistance to business travelers. From booking flights and arranging transportation to sourcing special amenities or activities. No request is too big or small.

You will be responsible for making sure each trip runs like clockwork, while always putting the client’s needs first. Plus, you get access to exclusive travel benefits such as money off airline tickets and accommodation. This can be your chance to attend industry events around the world.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there’s much more to being a travel agent than meets the eye. You just have to choose a route that matches your skills and experience.

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