15 Smart Ways To Make Money During Lockdown

15 Smart Ways To Make Money During Lockdown

COVID-19 has turned life upside down for many people. Nobody was expecting lockdown 2020 to happen, but now it has, people are stressed and anxious. Many even turn to gambling online to reduce stress, using sites like Bluechip Casino. But, those who can’t work are worried about surviving on less money, and some people aren't making money at all. There are upsides to lockdown - spending quality time with your family and perhaps having time to spend on personal projects, but we all still need money to live. Although many wish it wasn’t this way, money does make the world go round. With that in mind, you need creative ways to make money during lockdown and this post can help.

If you’re looking for smart ways to make money during a lockdown, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we have 15 smart ways you can make money during lockdown. Take a look and see which of these methods you can implement to increase your earnings: 

1. Online Surveys 

One of the easiest ways to potentially make some money is to fill out online surveys. Perhaps you could devote a few hours of your time each day to filling them out. Each survey can help you to earn $1-$20 depending, and if you fill them out quick enough you could end up making a decent amount of pocket money. You may even be able to earn rewards and bonuses, alongside the cash you earn. 

Companies use consumer feedback from online surveys to get the pulse of the general public about their products and services. Moreover, brands use the statistical data from online surveys as case studies and basis in creating whitepapers or factual content for interested investors and other stakeholders.

You can earn more money by downloading the best apps for online surveys. With the right tools, filling out online surveys can help you earn a good income and make ends meet. And you don’t have to worry too much since the topics vary widely depending on the businesses conducting the survey.

So, how can you start earning money with paid online surveys? If you want to try this avenue, you should start by creating an account or registering on the online survey platform via its website or the app. Once you’ve finished setting up your account, choose your specialty or the niche of the surveys you want to answer.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be an effective strategy to use alongside a popular blog, website, youtube channel, or social media account. You simply sign up to an affiliate program, say Amazon’s affiliate program, and then recommend products that you like. When people use your link to make a purchase, you earn a commission. It’s really simple and great for those with a following. However, it’s best to be honest about the fact that you’re an affiliate, and you should only recommend products that you genuinely believe in. If you start recommending any old products just to make a commission, then people won’t trust you and you won’t build a loyal following of people who value your opinion. 

Here are some tips to be successful in affiliate marketing:

  • Only promote products of great value or high in quality. Otherwise, your customers will lose their trust in your website, regardless of how excellently you write your blog about a certain product.
  • Take advantage of Facebook affiliate marketing. This is a great way to drive your sales as you will be able to engage with potential customers.
  • For transparency, you can disclose the affiliate relationships you have with manufacturers or direct suppliers. This will help increase the confidence level of customers to your business.

3. Try Online Tutoring 

Online tutoring could be perfect for those who are struggling to homeschool their children. If you have a skill in a specific topic, you could offer your services. Maybe you’re a maths whizz or a science buff - you could offer lessons to kids via Zoom or Skype. This could even be perfect for adults who want to learn a new skill in lockdown, so if you’re good at cooking, sewing, or a language, this could be great for you. 

In addition to the question of what you should teach, you should also ask yourself who your target clients are. If you prefer teaching English, you can tutor Chinese, Korean, or Japanese students online. Many of them are looking for native English speakers, and they usually pay reasonably well. For cooking and baking skills, your target clients are usually first-time moms or young professionals who are working from home. These people prefer to cook healthy meals for their family over dining in restaurants or ordering meals through delivery services.

4. Video Game Coaching

It might not sound like a very productive past time, but lockdown presents the ideal opportunity to get better at a video game. You could monetize your expertise here if you know you have valuable tips that could help to coach people through their gaming experience. There are a lot of video games, such as some of those you find here, which are in-demand for coaching from users.

5. Try Investing 

Trading and investing can be extremely lucrative. Just about anybody interested in building wealth and financial freedom knows this, but many people put it off as they don’t know where to start. You can get a broker here to get help starting out. This can be a good time to get your foot in the door as certain markets are expected to soar, while others expected to crash. You can even start out with a simple app that will invest your spare change for you. 

6. Start A YouTube Channel 

Do you have something you’d like to talk about? Starting a YouTube channel could be your way to spread the message. Starting a popular YouTube channel takes time, but if you have a niche and a lot of passion/knowledge for it, then it can work. People are always looking for others that they resonate with. Eventually, you may be able to monetize your videos and utilize affiliate marketing. 

Take a look at the following tips when starting a YouTube channel:

  • Create inspiring videos according to your interest
  • Don’t be too overly addicted to creating different videos. Focus on one topic first or niche.
  • Use a high-quality video camera to come up with high-quality videos.

7. Start An Online Side Hustle 

Starting an online side hustle could involve selling products on Amazon via dropshipping, for example. Buying items in bulk and then selling them on could be a better idea right now if you know the item is popular, as drop shipping times may vary due to everything going on right now. It’s no longer a secret that you can make money blogging. With huge earning potential, affiliate marketing can be an effective strategy to use alongside a popular blog, website, youtube channel, or social media account. You simply sign up to an affiliate program, say Amazon’s affiliate program, and then recommend products that you like.

8. Start A Secondhand Store Online

This is the perfect time to Marie Kondo your home and clear out and sell your own items that you don’t want. You could start a secondhand store using a platform like Depop or Etsy. If you don’t have that much to sell or want to continue once you’re all sold out, you could source other products, such as vintage items and even antiques. You could even potentially craft your own items! Handmade jewelry and accessories are always popular. 

Check the following tips when starting a secondhand store online:

  • Make sure to list the secondhand item properly by indicating its real condition and showing the actual photos and not some copied photo of a similar product online.
  • Before listing and shipping the orders, double-check the condition of the item, get as many photos as possible, and then send it to the actual buyer. Also, clean and disinfect the item to ensure health and safety.
  • Pack the ordered items carefully. Use padding, newspaper, box, and other reliable packing supplies.

9. Try Your Hand At Freelance Writing 

Freelance writing roles may not always be advertised, so you might want to email a company you’re interested in working for and checking if there are any roles available. If you are confident in your writing ability, this could be a nice little earner. 

Here’s how to find potential clients for a freelance writing job:

  • Check online writing job portals.
  • Join online groups for writers on social media to get referrals.
  • Submit a proposal to business owners who have their own website.

10. Write That Book You’ve Been Talking About

You know what they say - ‘everybody has a book inside of them’. Now could be the right time to start yours. If you have a decent amount of knowledge on a certain subject, you could write an ebook and make money - especially if it continues to sell over a period of months and years. 

Usually, it’s better to write about a popular niche subject if you really want to make money, but you can still make money writing about just about anything - even fiction. Writing one book is a huge achievement, but if you can build up a portfolio of ebooks, then you will have far more passive income opportunities. Just bear in mind that you will need somebody to design a cover for you, and it’s always worth having your book checked over for mistakes and inconsistencies before putting it out there. 

If you can’t be bothered with any of that, hiring a ghostwriter could be a good idea. They will then write the book for you, you put your name on it, and you publish it and continue to make money. It may take a while for you to earn your money back, but you will continue to earn from this over time. You will also need to market your book, so bear this in mind. 

15 Smart Ways To Make Money During Lockdown

11. Sponsored Posts 

If you've got a decent social media following, even just a few thousand followers on Instagram, some brands will hire you to show off their products. You may get free products, which you can write about and then sell, but many will also offer monetary compensation. The larger your following, the better. If you’re new to this, approaching smaller brands first will help. Just make sure you work with brands that align with who you are and what you’re about. If you’re big on helping the environment, you’ll want to partner with similar brands. 

12. Freelance On Fiverr

Platforms like Fiverr are great for advertising small jobs and services you can do as one of the ways to make money during a lockdown. You could offer voice-over work, logo design, content writing, and even small pieces of artwork that don’t take very long to do. You can offer just about any service online! 

13. Start A Podcast

Podcasts are the new big thing, and everybody is talking about starting one. So, its a great way to make money during lockdown. If you can build an audience, a podcast could help you to make money online. Again, you need a specific niche, but when you manage to build up an audience you could attract advertisers and get paid. Some services also offer in-podcast ads.  Again, it is one of the ways to make money during a lockdown.

14. Become A Virtual Assistant 

Think you could be good at admin work? A virtual assistant helps online businesses with various tasks – it could be something as easy as replying to emails and finance and accounting, such as managing accounts through ePayables system. You’ll still be freelance, usually, so you can manage your own workload and schedule. You may even be able to do this for a few businesses depending on your free time and workload. 

Here are the advantages of working as a virtual assistant:

  • Paid training while learning how to use your clients’ software.
  • Earn money per hour basis in a different currency, which is an advantage if you reside in a non-US territory.
  • Finish tasks with less pressure as compared to actual office work.

15. Sell Stock Photos 

If you enjoy taking pictures, selling stock photos could be an easy way to make money. Simply take pictures and sell them online to stock sites. You don’t necessarily need to be a photographer or an expert either - and in many cases, your smartphone will work just fine. 

Stock photographers sell their images to stock photo companies like Shutterstock and get royalties whenever somebody uses their image. 

You may not have many opportunities to take pictures of people during lockdown, so focus on nature and things around the house. When lockdown is over, you can then make the most of it by taking pictures of authentic emotion, people at parties, road trips, and other great life events. All you need to do is ensure you have permission from the people in your pictures, and that you don’t over filter your photos. 

Now you have 15 smart ways to make money during lockdown, you should find at least a couple that you can do on this list. Start with one and take your time; don’t try to start multiple income streams up at once, as it’ll be too overwhelming. It’s best if you can take your time to get one up and running first, so that one can eventually run on autopilot - then pick another, and another! 

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