Affiliate Marketing with Facebook

Affiliate Marketing with Facebook

As social media has become a staple in all of our lives, many have tried to turn their love for the medium into a source of income. There are plenty of ways you can earn money on Facebook, from selling your handmade goods and services through a page to creating donation campaigns to promote a project you are working on. It’s a platform available to everyone and one where everyone has opportunities. Today, we’ll be focusing on one specific kind of income: affiliate marketing, and specifically as it relates to affiliate marketing with Facebook. So let’s dive right in:

What is affiliate marketing?

You might have noticed online that many creators, especially those who use products in their videos or images, tend to leave links towards those products. This is great, because a lot of people trust them to recommend good products that they want to also use. But, you might have also noticed that they put a little disclaimer, saying that they might make some money if you use that link. This is what is called affiliate marketing. The people who host the link will give you a cut of every sale made through the link you post, and if you want to support a creator and pay a regular price for an item (or even discounted!) you can do it by purchasing some things through their link.

Who can earn through affiliate marketing?

As we mentioned at the start, social media sites offer an equal playing field for everyone. You can make a page and post some affiliate links and get started - but that won’t get you anywhere. There are some rules you should stick to if you really want to become an affiliate and to make sure you are getting the maximum out of your marketing:

1. Use good links

Some affiliate links will earn you literal pennies. This will barely make it worth the time you take to post all of these links and the content online. Instead, look for high-ticket programs which will earn you tens or potentially hundreds of dollars every time someone makes a purchase through your link. This will boost your revenue significantly.

Affiliate Marketing with Facebook

2. Build an audience

Before you start posting affiliate links, you need to build up an audience that will enjoy your content and follow your page for the things you post. If you’re just posting links, nobody will follow your page or be interested in what you are posting, they will just assume you only want to get money from them.

3. Put content first

After you’ve built up an audience, they won’t stay if you stop posting good content and only start posting affiliate links. You need to make good content and post links that are relevant to the content you’re making. Firstly, if you post random links, nobody from your audience will be interested in clicking on them, and secondly, it will just look like a transparent money grab. For example, if you have a cooking page, you can post links relating to kitchen equipment, recipe books or cooking tutorials. On the other hand, if you have a self-help or self-improvement page, you can post links to some courses or tutorials.

4. Space them out

Especially when you’re just starting, you don’t want to publish a wall of links at once. Space them out across multiple posts and just drip-feed them to your audience to make sure they don’t get scared off by the sudden change or offer. Pick out one link that you think will go best with the post you’re putting up and place that.  Great content at the right time over time is a key to winning with affiliate marketing with Facebook. 

Always disclose

Disclosing that you will be earning some money if your audience buys with the link you provided is not only a good way to practice transparency with your audience, it’s also a legal requirement in many countries and on most platforms. It’s common to be afraid that people will think that you’re just trying to get money and that you don’t care about the content you’re making, but if you didn’t care about content - people wouldn’t be watching you at all. And if you have devoted fans, they might actually be more willing to buy something through your link if they know that a portion of their money will go towards supporting their favorite creator.


For some, affiliate marketing with Facebook can just be some extra pocket money that they earn from their content, but if you play your cards well, it can be your complete income - and a good one at that. In addition to that, it can be something you do on the side, and can serve as a great source of semi-passive income that doesn’t require that much of your time.

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