15 Superb Benefits of Using Recycled Plastic in Your Business

Now is the best time to use recycled plastic in your packaging. Climate change is upon us and it will be best for you and your business if you will choose to be green.

Benefits of Using Recycled Plastic in Your Business

Plastics for Packaging

Today’s businesses use the following plastics for their products:

  • polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • polypropylene (PP)
  • polystyrene (PS)
  • polyethylene with and without additives in low density and high density (HDPE and LDPE)
  • polyethylene terephthalate PET

Among them, PET should be your go-to choice because it is the easiest to recycle. When recycled, PET can be used again and again for different kinds of packaging, bottles, and containers. More and more customers, governments, and recycling facilities now require 100% recycled bottles. Now is the time to go 100% on recycling.

Sustainable Packaging

Opting for PET is choosing to practice sustainable packaging. This is the case because recycling will allow you to use fewer materials, less energy, and fewer natural resources. So much so that your company will be able to significantly decrease your environmental footprint in massive numbers. Choosing to recycle and deploying workflows powered by renewable energy will bring your business to the forefront of the future.

15 Superb Benefits of Using Recycled Plastic in Your Business

The amazing benefits of using recycled plastic in your business are as follows:

1. Less Energy Use

You will use less energy and not take up so much landfill space. So much so that a ton of recycled plastic will allow you to save 5,774 kWh of energy, 98 million BTU’s of energy, 16.3 barrels of oil, and  30 cubic yards of space in landfills.

2. Less Pollution

You will not contribute to the worsening pollution crisis given that you won’t need to manufacture brand new plastic over and over again.

plastic recycling

3. Less Waste

You will not contribute to the mindless overflow of landfills. You will cut down on your waste so you won’t take up much space in landfills. Your company will also not be participating in incineration activities that greatly harm the environment with toxic pollutants.

4. Reduce Oil Use

You’d be able to reduce your use of oil. Oil is a non-renewable natural resource and it’s about time that we consume it wisely. Opting to recycle removes the need for more oil as you won’t need to manufacture non-stop again and again and again. Leading jerry can manufacturers like Plas-Pak from Australia, even deploy strict operation policies to ensure that recycling is prioritized across all endpoints.

5. Use less Energy

You’d use less energy in your operations. The amount of energy that you’d be able to save will be massive if it’d be accumulated as years go by. You’d also be able to save on operational costs. Less energy will be used as you won’t need to manufacture brand new plastic packaging and bottles every single day.

6.  Reduce CO2 Emissions

You’d reduce your CO2 emissions. This contribution is massive as it will directly address the climate change crisis. Reducing your company’s CO2 emissions will significantly bolster your climate change action plan.

7. Wholesale Use

You’d be able to produce your product’s packaging, like thermoformed plastic packaging, by using recycled materials and not feeling guilty about disposing of so much waste in landfills. You’d have more liberty in making marketing decisions and changes as no massive energy consumption will be needed anyway.

8. Save Landfill Space

You’d be able to save 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space by simply recycling a ton of plastic. Plastics don’t belong in landfills because their resin can poison the ground. Plastic resin can also compromise the quality of underground water. This should never be the case.

9. Loyal Customers

Your customers will become more loyal to your brand. Your brand will have a positive reputation in the community for being green by using sustainable packaging. More and more customers will trust you and fully rely on your services and products.

10. Customer Satisfaction

Your customers will feel good whenever they purchase your goods. Data revealed that 78% of consumers feel better about themselves and their choices when they patronize brands that use recycled plastic and sustainable packaging. More and more people now do in-depth research on the corporate practices of brands.

11. Save on Material Costs

You will save so much on the costs of your materials. Recycled plastic is more affordable. Why spend so much when you can have reusable materials that are of equally superb quality? Choose to use recycled materials instead. You’d also get to save so much on operational costs.

12. Green Marketing

You can fully create marketing campaigns and programs that anchor on green themes and practices. Your company will reap so many benefits when the world knows that you’re doing your part in saving, protecting, and wisely utilizing the environment and all its natural resources.

13. Policy Development

You will not have a hard time complying with upcoming policies on sustainable development and environmental protection. Governments are now becoming more and more aggressive in addressing climate change. More green policies are set to be passed in the years to come and it’s best that your years ahead in your operational practice. The time to deploy is now.

14. Target Sales Better

Your product will not be dependent on the price of plastic. Recycled plastic will allow you to fully adjust your costing without relying on the current market. It will give you more liberty to aggressively target sales and overall growth.

15. Less Business Delays

You will not have to deal with delays and fines from the government. If you’d practice recycling as early as now, your business will be fully ready for the demands of the future. You won’t have to face suits and restraining orders from the state. Starting now will save you from so much trouble in the future.

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