13 Major Business Proposal Tips for New SaaS Founders

13 Major Business Proposal Tips for New SaaS Founders

SaaS or Software as a Service is now getting more popular. It is essential for operational management, compatibility, and accessibility. It also comes with lower upfront costs than traditional software installation and download.

SaaS applications run in the cloud, so you can update them easily without affecting business operations for your users. Meanwhile, new founders can also experience challenges like identifying the market, attaining fast growth, building a viable business model, and more. It’s also essential that you need to use proposals to get more clients and sales for your SaaS business.

Are you a new SaaS founder? If yes, this article can be a helpful guide for you. The following are essential tips for your business proposal to make your business the best. 

  • Reach out and study your prospects, especially those that you look up to

If you’re a newbie in the SaaS market, it’s a good idea to reach out and study your prospects. It can help you formulate an effective plan to win more potential clients for your business. If you want to increase your sales, you need to focus on your prospects’ requirements. By reaching out to them, you can also gain their trust.

  • Automate your proposal writing to save time

Another technique is the automation of your proposal writing. If you’re using proposal writing software, you can save more time and focus on other essential aspects of your SaaS business. It also allows you to save more effort. Your proposal for a business is vital to increase your brand recognition. Make sure to include additional details that are requested by your prospects. You can explain your SaaS solution and your goals that are beneficial to them. 

  • Draft an outline and organize the structure

Like other businesses, you need to draft an outline and organize the structure. You can have a plan that allows you to make the best business proposal that can make your business more profitable. You can include your timelines, project plan, value-adds, and more. Be specific when it comes to organizing the structure of your proposal. 

  • Focus on what you can do for them, rather than what they can give in return

As a new SaaS founder, winning your target audience’s trust is quite challenging. With that, you must understand the needs and requirements of your prospects. You can focus on what you can offer them instead of what they can give in return.

You can provide the solution you provide. It is also helpful to introduce your SaaS product features that can satisfy your prospects’ needs. It can help you to build strong relationships with your customers. Once they become satisfied with your business, there’s a chance that they will suggest your business to their family and friends. 

  • Be keen on removing any roadblocks to their “yes”

It is also essential to be keen on solving roadblocks to their ‘yes.’ For example, one roadblock to their yes is lack of communication. Therefore, you must improve your collaboration with your prospects. You can offer them easy access to collaborate with you and your team.

Another solution to roadblocks to their ‘yes’ is to enhance the organization. You can make a digital hub for your business’s details where your team members can access it. With this, they can perform their responsibilities well.

Poor planning is another reason why there is a roadblock to their ‘yes.’ Effective planning is essential for successful project management. Make plans with your project to produce the best results. 

  • Put someone in charge to monitor your progress

SaaS business is challenging, so you need a reliable team’s assistance. You can place someone in charge to check your progress. You can determine the aspects that need improvement to win more clients.      

  • Be fair and flexible on your pricing scheme

You need to be flexible and fair on your pricing scheme to convince your prospects to choose your SaaS business. Don’t overdo your pricing plan. Your pricing scheme must be reasonable and practical for your customers. You must convince your prospects that you don’t have hidden fees and your business is credible. 

  • Don’t hesitate to connect and follow up, even with those who already said “No”

As a new SaaS founder, you must never give up on your prospects. You can follow up and connect even those who already said ‘No’ to you. You may not know it. They can change their mind once they recognize the benefits of your business.

In this type of business, you can face different challenges, including convincing your clients to choose you. So, you must not give up easily and keep on trying. 

  • Manage timelines

You need to manage timelines to keep your prospects updated about your business. It also allows you to have a more organized business plan which can guide you towards a successful and profitable SaaS business. By managing your timelines, you can reduce confusion and focus on the critical things that can win more customers. 

Saas Continuous Timeline

  • Make proposals as visually appealing as possible

Visual matters when it comes to your SaaS business proposal. You can use catchy business proposal templates if you want to attract more customers to your SaaS business. Use professional and straightforward language. Consider the designs of your proposal as well. Use readable fonts and other visual elements to hook your prospects’ attention. 

  • Sound as authentic as possible

Since there is tough competition in the market, you need to sound authentic. You need to convince your target audience that you’re a trustworthy and credible SaaS business. It will help you get the support and trust of your prospects. 

  • Do not overpromise

Do not overpromise to avoid disappointing your clients. Even though you’re targeting more customers for your SaaS business, make sure that you don’t give them promises which are hard to achieve. With that, you can maintain their trust in your industry. Thus, you can avoid failing their expectations about your business. 

  • To continue improving, conduct A/B testing

If you want to grow your SaaS business, you can conduct A//B testing. It can help you measure the value of your advertising and marketing efforts. You can conduct A/B testing to enhance content management. It also helps lower bounced rates.

Tools to Help You Create the Best Proposal that Wins Clients 

With the tough competition in the industry, it’s good to use practical tools to achieve your business’s goals. The following tools can be your partner to make the best proposal that can attract more clients.

Prospero is one of the most trusted proposal writing software in today’s digital generation. It has innovative features such as proposal templates for different industries, third-party app integration for seamless email marketing, payments and invoices, digital signatures, and many others that can meet your specific needs. It can provide you with a hassle-free experience in adding your images, logo, videos, tables, timelines, and comprehensive pricing on your proposals.

Your business proposal needs to be written professionally. Well, you can use a reliable grammar-checker tool like Grammarly. With proper grammar, you can convince your prospects that your business has credibility. It offers real-time grammar correcting and explanations that are easy to understand. Grammarly is easy to use and helps you widen your vocabulary. Additionally, it’s an affordable grammar-checker tool.

  • Unsplash ( visually-appealing hi-res images)

Images are also crucial ingredients for your business proposal. You can use Unsplash to deliver appealing, high-resolution images. It is considered the best source for freely-usable photos and visual content.

  • Trello (team collaboration and brainstorming)

Trello is another innovative tool you can use to empower your team to create more satisfying business results. It can also help them increase their engagement to attain your business’s goals. It is beneficial to build teamwork for the success of your business.

Saleshandy empowers you to automate your sales prospecting campaign. Send highly personalized cold emails with multistage automated follow-ups. It helps to nurture your leads and qualify them faster to add more leads in the pipeline. With Saleshandy, you can track the performance to make more effective decisions to grow your SaaS business.

  • Freshbooks (Integration of invoices, receipts, expenses)

Freshbooks can offer you easy invoicing and insightful time tracking. It helps you to keep files, conversations, and feedback in a single place. So, your team can have a better collaboration on projects.

  • Storydoc (AI proposal generator)

Storydoc is a newer innovative proposal presentation software. It has an interactive, scroll-based design, so it’s more engaging than your usual proposal documentation. You can create your proposal starting from an array of templates for any use case, or, you can opt for the AI proposal generator that writes the copy for you, brands your presentation, and dresses it with a cohesive media design.


There we go, so that is the list of business proposal tips for new SaaS founders like you. By applying these tips, you can create a professional business proposal that can help you get more clients.

Are you ready to level up your SaaS business? What are you waiting for? Apply the business proposal tips mentioned above!

With that, you can establish good relationships with your customers and get more profits with your SaaS business.

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