10 Creative Ways to Reward Employees Who Go Above and Beyond in 2022

Creative Ways to Reward Employees Who Go Above and Beyond in 2022

The importance of rewarding employees who put the work in is so often underestimated. However, recognition makes employees feel good about themselves and motivates them to continue working hard. Here are 10 creative ways to reward employees who go above and beyond in 2022.

  • Recognize work anniversaries 

Recognize employees for the overall achievement of reaching work anniversaries, not just for certain events or achievements. By publicly recognizing work anniversaries, you show your employees that you appreciate them. Especially, as they have been with you through everything these past years have thrown at them.

  • Employee care packages 

Reward employees with a care package of items that show you care. By selecting items individually and packing them together, you’ll show that you appreciate your employee more so than just a single gift.

  • Invest in their wellness 

Wellness programs have been one of the most in-demand employee rewards lately. This is especially true after the stress of the coronavirus pandemic.  As more focus is put on employee wellbeing, rewarding yours with a well-being program is sure to be a big hit.

  •  Wall of fame

Sometimes the most classic employee rewards are the best. Therefore, consider having a wall of fame in the office. Here, you can display employee achievements publicly, combining recognition with the reward. This makes the appreciation even more valuable.

  • Gift cards

Again, who says that old school is a bad thing? By giving employees gift cards you’re providing them with the opportunity to have a guilt-free shopping spree. You can buy gift cards with various spending options so they can spend their reward wherever they like!

  • Friday afternoon off 

One of the most valuable things you can give an employee is some of their time back! They’ll be sure to thank you when they get the chance to pack up early on a Friday afternoon.

  • A handwritten note

With more and more things going online these days, a handwritten note becomes that much more special. Handwritten letters are a great, heartfelt way to show your appreciation in a personal way. This also allows the receiver to preserve it for as long as they like.

  • Additional days off 

Much like giving employees a Friday afternoon off, providing them with additional days off for going above and beyond is bound to be effective. Additionally, it is a great way to make other staff members feel a little jealous and want to up their own game.

  • Wine tasting 

A wine tasting experience is a great way to reward employees who love a glass or two of wine. You could even deliver them a dedicated wine tasting kit where they can enjoy mini bottles alone if you’d rather not host an event for it.

  • Get them something personalized

The beauty of this is that almost anything can be personalized. Depending on the employee’s interests, you could purchase a wallet, personalized golf balls, a set of makeup brushes, or just about anything else. This sends a message to the employee that they matter as an individual – the very core of employee rewards.

And there you have it - 10 creative ways to reward your hard-working employees that have gone above and beyond expectations in 2022.

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