Your Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Lighting for Your Event: Basic Rules to Remember

Your Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Lighting for Your Event: Basic Rules to Remember

Nowadays, there seems to be an event or gathering everywhere we turn, and it's hardly surprising. After all, we are emerging from a pandemic, with scars but otherwise intact. If you are planning an event – be it a Christmas party (another reason to celebrate), a business conference, a concert, a product launch, and more – there are many different aspects to remember. Of course, as we all know, the menu and entertainment are paramount. However, so is the audio-visual system. The AV system you have will set the mood and tone and lend a vibrant atmosphere, especially when it comes to lighting. Lighting is another aspect that is often neglected – but it's one of the most vital aspects. So how do you choose it, and what should you consider? Here's your complete guide to choosing the right lighting for your event: basic rules to remember.

  • Always have enough 

Different events have different lighting needs. Some will be outdoors, some will be indoors, some will be streamed live, some will be filmed, and so on. That being said, there's one thing they all have in common: they should always have enough light. You should ensure enough light in the entire space where the event is held, whether indoors or outdoors. Be creative with lighting: for an intimate singer-songwriter concert, consider adding the best candles Australia has to offer to the decor. Not only do they create a warm and inviting atmosphere, but they also can enhance the overall experience. Additionally, take note of the time of day and the event's focus. You could always test the lights in the venue as you do with other AV equipment. This is essential to ensure the guests or attendees can easily navigate the space.

  • Ensure you can control the lighting 

Lighting will only remain static if you are staging nothing more than a big birthday bash. But if you are hosting another event, you must find a way to control the lighting to highlight some aspects and dim others to set the mood. It's easy to control the lighting if you have an engineer or operator with you. These are available from a trusted AV hire provider. This way, you can arrange the lights to suit different segments, for instance, and draw the audience's eye towards a speaker, a set, and so on.

  • Know what other AV equipment will be used 

It also makes sense to learn what other AV equipment will be used for your event and how to balance it. Hence the usefulness of a lighting engineer or operator. For example, if your event has many presentations that use plenty of projectors, you would need dim, diffused lighting. If, on the other hand, your event features a live musical act, then it would be good if you had some special lighting to give the stage a nice set of effects.

  • Understand the lighting needs of a filmed event 

When choosing the right lighting for an event that is to be filmed, you must understand that it will have different requirements. You need to be extra careful when setting the stage. After all, the lights must be placed so they do not shine toward the filming equipment and camera. But you also need lighting to fill up the space and illuminate everything. You also need flood lights as well as directional lights to eliminate shadows. Remember that cameras only have a small range of vision. This is why lighting is important because you don't want the camera to wash out or darken the video.

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