Workplace Health & Safety- How Tech Can Enable A Safe Return

Workplace Health & Safety- How Tech Can Enable A Safe Return

After more than a year of remote work, businesses have the hope for reopening as vaccine rollouts go full throttle. But you cannot be too sure about the virus. It may continue to return in a different form as new strains and repeat waves sweep through countries around the world. Therefore, it makes sense to prioritize workplace health and safety to ensure a safe return for your employees and clients. While the basics like masks, hand hygiene, and social distancing will be in place, you need to think beyond them. Fortunately, technology can lead the way to a safe return to the new normal. Let us explain how it can help.

Track and trace for social distancing

When offices open after extended WFH, it is easy for employees to flout the social distancing norms to interact with each other. Limited space is another challenge for some organizations as it gets hard to accommodate everyone safely while following the safety guidelines. Smart scheduling with a software tool can help in addressing the concern. It enables you to manage the employees better, ensuring that floors are never overcrowded at any point. You can also implement a track and trace system at the workplace. This can track people as they move around via sensors and IoT applications. If someone seems to go against the rules, the application issues an alert to ensure safe distancing at all times.

Monitor employee health with EHS management

Keeping track of employee health and safety has always been a necessity for organizations. You may have been doing it to stay compliant, curb safety risks, and ensure productivity even before the pandemic. But the benefits of Safety and Maintenance Software surpass the usual ones in the new normal. The solution can serve as the foundation of the reopening plan. It covers you on the compliance front and makes people more confident about coming back to work. Even when the threat of the virus is still here. You can even use the solution remotely. So you can access and record information if the employees need to switch back to the remote work model.

Embrace digital solutions for customer safety

When it comes to reopening the business in the new normal, the plan should cover customer safety in addition to employee well-being. Some team members will have the vaccine while others will not. The approach will get you back in business as customers are more comfortable about being back on the premises if they trust you are doing enough for their safety. Embracing digital solutions such as visitor management software, contactless payments, robotics, and automation reduces human interactions on the business premises. It curbs the risk of spread of the infection even as foot traffic resumes post-reopening. These solutions are particularly important for customer-facing domains such as retail and hospitality.

While these technology solutions entail a hefty investment, you can expect them to be around for the foreseeable future. It makes sense to invest in the safety of your premises today so that you can keep your business thriving in the new normal.

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