Why Excellence not Perfection

Oftentimes we fail to launch and we fail to get things done because we hold out for something to be done absolutely right. We want it perfect. The reality is, however, that this failure to launch has severe negative consequences for our business and we need to pursue excellence not perfection in our efforts.  

why excellence not perfection

More on this and two other topics in this month’s Live with Mike.  I’ll also cover Landing Pages vs Web pages and the need to keep things simple. Ready to dive in? Let's go!

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Why Excellence not Perfection

I have worked with many clients over the years on business projects from new website developments to new product development.  One of the patterns that I have seen repeatedly when websites or projects do not go live is that someone at the top is a perfectionist and cannot let something go without it being exactly right.  

 The key matter, however, is that the website at 99% done or even at an excellence state of 90% done, would be 10x better than the old version they were showing the public!  

Oftentimes we are like this.  We fail to do new things because of perfectionism and this hinders our lives!  It’s a barrier to innovation, impact, and adding value.  We have to be willing to say “go” and find the new balance of excellence versus demanding perfection.

Excellence is not perfection.  

It is doing things well, not waiting until it is perfect. Aiming for perfection is asking for failure.  It’s just not feasible in business operations.  Perform with excellence whatever you do.  It models dependability, a “finisher” mentality, and a level of responsible behavior that increases your influence and the confidence that customers can have in your business.  

Aim for excellence.  

You can’t go wrong by completing things with excellence.  Perfectionists go to an extreme that is beyond excellence and often fail to get things done because it is never finished or not exactly right.  That’s a barrier!  So remember, think excellence not perfection!

Landing Pages vs Web pages

What’s the difference and when should you use one versus the other?  Let’s get to the answers quickly.  Typically you are going to use webpages much more than you are going to use landing pages.  Web pages are great for SEO, for describing your products, services, and business.  As well, web pages are used for ecommerce and product purchases.

Landing pages have a narrower focus with a goal of an immediate conversion.  That might be an immediate purchase, download, registration, or sign-up.  It focuses on leading the viewer straight to the response, getting them to take action, and avoids all other distractions.  It will typically have less or no menus and navigation as well.  Landing pages may be on a website but often are at a different domain like a sub-domain or a landing page service. 

The key difference of a landing page from a web page is the landing page seeks to get the visitor to take immediate action, typically to sign-up or buy right away.

So on my website you will find web pages for my books.  I’m informing and sharing about the book, so that people may want to order it.  I’m not running campaigns to sell books.  If I was, I’d direct the campaigns to a landing page.

I hope that helps.  Most businesses are going to simply focus on their website and their web pages.  There will be times of specific campaigns, however, where you will want to use landing pages.

Simplicity vs Complexity

In our business marketing, sales processes, nurture processes, website content, and business operations far too often we make it too complex and end up hurting our businesses and team.  We make it too difficult to “follow the process” and so much so that we hurt marketing and sales efforts!  We hinder the end goal by the journey we force our team to take!

Nike’s simple slogan that you know is “Just Do It”.  It’s not “just put in the practice so that you can perform the best on game day.”  That’s not catchy and it’s too long to remember.  That’s a simple example but it makes the point.  Don’t make things too complex!

On the web we see this all the time with products and features.  Many times business owners want to add all the features of a product on the website without understanding that the complexity will hinder a mobile device user from actually making a purchase. Mobile users may be more than 60% of your web traffic and if so should that be a serious consideration? Yes! Therefore, you have to think in terms of what is simple and doable for the mobile user to give them the power of selection but not overwhelm them with options on your website.

Keep your marketing plans simple, your sales processes simple, your business processes simple, and you can keep costs down and allow for more nimble adjustments along the way.  The key is knowing when to stop and how to setup manageable operations for your team as well as easy processes for customers to select your product and use your tools.

KISS applies. Keep it simple stupid!

That’s a wrap on this podcast episode.  What’s the key takeaway for you and your business from these words?

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