Why Do Global Companies Prefer to Hire Front-End Developers From India?

Why Do Global Companies Prefer to Hire Front-End Developers From India?

In today's digital landscape, front-end development is pivotal in delivering exceptional user experiences across websites and applications. Front-end developers create user interfaces and experience, i.e., UI and UX, by focussing on the website’s graphically appealing functions and easy-to-use features.

Web developers' employment in the US is projected to grow 23% from 2021 to 2031. But so great is the demand with the rapid migration of most businesses to digital that LinkedIn predicts there will be a shortage of approximately one million developers in 2023.

Global companies hire front-end developers in India to meet their goals of enhancing their online presence and captivating target audiences. With one of the largest talent pools comprising over 3 million people in the software industry, India is difficult to ignore for global companies seeking to hire expert front-end developers.

Let us look at the advantages of businesses sourcing front-end developers from India.

Advantages for Businesses Hiring from India

India ticks all the required boxes regarding the advantages of hiring front-end developers. The following are the features that make hiring front-end developers from India desirable:

1. An Abundance of Skilled Professionals

India boasts a thriving IT industry, producing a vast pool of highly skilled professionals in the technology domain. Many computer science and engineering graduates focusing on front-end development join the workforce each year.

The availability of this immense talent pool ensures that global companies have access to a diverse range of skilled front-end developers who possess the necessary expertise to tackle complex web interfaces and create visually appealing designs.

2. A Wide Range of Skill Sets

Front-end developers in India possess a broad range of skill sets, and some of them are as follows:

  • Front-end developers in India possess the entire range of skill sets relevant to front-end development, and some of them are as follows:
  • HTML, which is the coding language for web and app development.
  • CSS resources like Bootstrap, which are used for styling webpages.
  • JavaScript, this is an essential building block for a great interactive web experience.
  • Understanding of file system navigation, using Shell for accessing operating system functions, and knowledge of version control systems like Git.
  • Usage of resources like Vue.js, Codecademy, CSS Layout, and Front-end Checklist for easy front-end development.
  • Using build tools like Webpack, Gulp, or Grunt for automation of tasks like compiling and bundling code.
  • Using compatible libraries like Babel for testing and debugging.
  • Knowledge of design tools like Adobe Photoshop and Sketch for enhancing front-end workflow.


3. Cost-Effectiveness

One of the key reasons why front-end developers from India are preferred is the saving in operational costs. Compared to developers from other countries, Indian developers are efficient and have lower hourly rates. Moreover, when employed through hiring agencies, as is the growing trend, there is also no cost of infrastructure and other administrative costs.

To illustrate, the average hourly rate for a front-end developer in India will be $20- $70 as compared to $160- $265 in the USA.

4. English Proficiency

Effective communication within teams is very important for successful front-end development. Knowledge of English in a global company is essential for a developer to understand the client's requirements and communicate ideas with clients and within an international development team.

Most front-end developers or tech developers in India will be proficient in English, ensuring there is no communication gap and there is efficient collaboration during the development cycle.

5. Quality of Work

Indian front-end developers are reputed for delivering good quality work. The tech development scene in India is strong, and the talent base is huge, with a mix of new entrant learners and experienced quality players.

Due to the sheer size of this talent base, the number of quality programmers available with experience above 2-3 years at any given time will be huge. These developers can create seamless user experiences that are aligned with the global standards expected by the multiple global organizations that hire them.

6. Cultural Adaptability and Time Zone Advantage

India is a melting pot of diverse languages and cultures. Working in a multi-cultural and multi-linguistic background is a fact of life here; hence front-end developers can easily adapt to working with clients from different countries and cater to their project requirements.

Furthermore, India’s time zone of GMT+5.30 is a big advantage for global companies looking for round-the-clock development and support services. With its time zone that overlaps the working times of clients in many time zones, it can provide faster turnaround of projects by ensuring work continues after the clients' working hours.


7. Strong Work Ethic and Dedication

The strong work ethics of the technology support industry in India with decades of global interactions by world-class ethical Indian organizations who have been pioneers in making India the global technology back office.

Indian front-end developers have a professional work ethic. Furthermore, they commit to ensuring timely project delivery and adherence to quality standards. The emphasis on hard work is part of Indian culture. Thus, making them reliable assets for global companies seeking dependable development partners. 

How Do You Onboard the Best Talent from India?

Getting the best front-end developers requires a thorough recruitment process wherein you evaluate candidates based on their experience, technical expertise, and problem-solving abilities.

What can be a time-consuming and costly process is facilitated by professional hiring organizations. These services help businesses hire front-end developers in India. These organizations provide the right talent and save on time and hiring costs by accessing their network of pre-vetted candidates across skill sets.

Benefits of Using Professional Hiring Organizations

Some of the other benefits you receive when hiring front-end developers in India through professional hiring organizations are:

  • A cost advantage of 40% or more
  • Limited period no-risk trial
  • No obligation interview
  • Limited period replacement option
  • Easy cancellation
  • A higher retention rate of candidates

Every candidate will typically go through a multi-step vetting process to identify the best front-end developers for hiring. Let's have a brief look at the candidate vetting process.

Candidate Vetting Process

All candidates will undergo a thorough vetting process which will comprise the following:

  • Profile Screening and Shortlisting: All applications are filtered against minimum criteria, and complete background checks are done.
  • Language Proficiency: Candidates are tested for clarity and expertise in reading, writing, pronunciation, and fluency.
  • Aptitude Evaluation: Scientifically designed tests that check front-end developers' problem-solving, critical thinking, and reasoning abilities.
  • Technical Assessment: An extensive technical assessment for understanding technical skills and competence in their job roles.
  • Interview: A final interview is conducted to understand the candidate’s expectations and preferences to ensure they're the right fit for the company and vice versa.


India is a prime hub for talented front-end developers who hold excellent skill sets and can work remotely. Therefore, the demand for them is also increasing day by day.

Many organizations increasingly use professional hiring organizations to hire top talent from India. These services also help onboard front-end developers with the right technical expertise, experience, and specific industry exposure. By hiring a front-end developer from India, you get the best from the developer talent pool.

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