Why are Followers on TikTok so Important?

Followers on TikTok so Important

TikTok for those of you who have been living under a rock is a platform that lets you create short, simple, fun and interesting videos. This has led to a huge revolution in the entertainment industry. Especially, as most of these soundtracks and music videos go viral due to the TikTok challenge behind it. Because of the influencing power it has on young adults, TikTok has become very important. Since in some countries TikTok is banned, Instagram has rolled out its own short video making platform called reels. This lets people showcase their talent, without taking up much time of the content consumers. So if you’re a TikTok influencer, then this is the perfect article for you. We are going to talk about the importance of followers on TikTok and how you will be able to acquire them using your content. So if that sounds interesting, then stick around till the end.

1. More followers mean more popularity

Well, this is no secret that the more followers you have directly corresponds to the amount of popularity you have. This is basically a measure of influence you have over people. Hence, it is a very important metric to take care of. Speaking about metrics, having the right number of followers, and knowing what your audience wants is important. This can help you become a better content creator and deliver exactly what your audience demands. This leads to exponential growth on your TikTok handle, which starts the entire domino effect again.

2. The influencer tag

As we mentioned earlier, more followers mean more influence, and influence is expensive. Let that sink in for a second. What we mean by “influence is expensive” is that influence is rare to have. Therefore, if you have it, then brands will surround you to promote their product. This is called influencer marketing and is one of the primary reasons why a lot of people choose to be an influencer. However, more often than not, people aren't able to influence their audience as they like. This makes them desperately buy followers from untrusted websites, which backfires their entire engagement. However, when done right, buying followers can boost your engagement. Thus, a lot of marketing professionals choose to do this while handling Instagram accounts.

3. More followers more money

Building on what we just said, more followers means more money. Since real influence is expensive, you can charge people and brands money to promote their products and services. This is fairly common on TikTok because, if you have a lot of followers, it means you can catch the attention of people. And, luckily that is exactly what brands want. Now, as you grow in terms of followers you can charge more money for a single post, which is great.

Now that you understand the importance of TikTok followers, let us see how you can grow your audience base.

How to Grow Your Audience

1. Create more content

Once you know what your audience wants, you can create more such content to reel followers in. This helps you create a community that sticks around longer than casual followers. Once you’ve created a solid TikTok community you will see natural growth coming to your TikTok handle and continue to gain followers.

2. Use hashtags

One of the most underrated ways to get followers is by using hashtags. Hashtags let the algorithm categorize your content which is helpful to people looking for the same. This means you don't have to do a lot to acquire the audience you’re looking for if you use the right hashtags. This strategy has worked very well for a lot of TikTok influencers. Hence, you should definitely incorporate this in your own TikTok marketing strategy too.

3. Schedule your content using online tools

A lot of times people have prior engagements to tend to which is what makes posting regularly a problem. To avoid this you can use scheduling software available online. These apps charge you a nominal fee to schedule your content, allowing you to post consistently and continue to grow.


If you are looking to become a TikTok influencer, then getting the followers right is the first thing in the book. If you’re able to gather and retain an audience you’re already doing better than most people. That is why we recommend using these above-mentioned tips to set your content straight. We’re sure you will see substantial growth if you do. Till then, keep scrolling!

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