5 Ways to Get More Views on TikTok Videos

Get More Views on TikTok Videos

Time is increasingly limited now. People prefer content they can consume in the shortest possible time. This is an essential and undeniable factor behind TikTok’s popularity.

Regardless of the “why” of it all, brands have understood that TikTok is now an essential part of a successful social media strategy and embraced it. You should too. More TikTok likes and views bode well for your success and the trend of paid engagement has permeated on the platform as well. You can buy TikTok likes and views just the way you can buy likes and views on any other platform. However, for organic growth, a personal, human touch is imperative and thus, we are going to discuss five ways you can ensure that you get more views on your TikTok videos.

1. Optimize your profile

Your profile represents who you are as a creator. Together with your profile picture, your “about” section, and the video thumbnails you have selected, your channel gives potential followers an insight into the kind of creator you are, as well as what to expect.

If you mostly create DIY videos, but your channel looks and feels like that of a musician, people who visit will turn away on their heels faster than you can say “hi”. Further, a clean and aesthetically pleasing profile invites followers just by looking good. I cannot count the number of times I have turned away from a channel on various platforms solely because it looked boring, irrelevant, or plain ugly.

Another important reason to optimize your profile is that you need to be searchable. If people know you by your name but you have included some bizarre sequence of characters on your TikTok name/username, your fans will not be able to find your profile.

2. Understand how hashtags work

TikTok allows one hundred characters in the caption space. Would you like to waste it? Then do not include a single hashtag and watch as your video fails to get any views at all.

Hashtags allow you to be discovered and remain visible across the “discover” tab. Further, it connects your video and brings it to the attention of people who are most likely to find it entertaining. Thus, you must be clever with hashtags and keep a few tips in mind:

  • Find trending hashtags using the “discover” tab.
  • Stay away from totally generic and often overused hashtags. The most common ones of these are “#foryou”
  • Experiment. Use either broad tags like #food, or specific ones like #chocochipicecream.

3. Include viral music in your videos

According to research, an important factor behind videos going viral is the inclusion of a popular song in them.

While creating original content backed by your own audio is a great idea, do not overdo the “originality” factor. If you need to add a song, visit TikTok’s music library and use a trending, viral, and relevant song in your video to ensure that it gathers maximum views and popularity. It is a hundred percent possible that a song you find deafeningly ugly suits your work best and gets you the maximum Tiktok followers.

Balance your likes with what your fans like since if either of your hearts is not  in the video, it will gain no attention at all.

4. Optimize your videos

One thing you should know is that the TikTok algorithm boosts and ranks those videos higher which are being played in full. Hence, if people scroll away from your video without watching it completely, it will affect its popularity negatively.

You should hook your users within the first second of your video. Do not wait more than two seconds to set up a premise that they cannot let go because swiping or scrolling away is blazingly fast on modern smartphones.

Target the curiosity and love for suspense that plagues all human beings and cash in on it so that you receive maximum engagement and popularity.

5. Research

This is the most important and perhaps the most difficult task of your social media game. With time, as you post an increasing amount of content, you will notice that the sweet taste of popularity is scattered across some of them, while some remain buried in the crowd.

Use that knowledge and the insights from TikTok. It will help you understand the type of content that works best and receives maximum traction. Further, researching your audience can help you come up with content that suits them best. This research can include the age group they belong to, the gender they identify themselves with, etc.

These insights or analytics are only available in TikTok’s pro accounts, and you should change your account type to “pro” once you have achieved a large enough following.


If you are using Tiktok for your business profile, then it is very tricky to manage all your social media handles as it requires great potential and good knowledge. You can try some of the best social media management companies to get the best results and manage your social media handles effectively. Social media engagement is a tricky game and without a few tricks and hacks to give you an edge, one can get lost in the crowd. Thus, if you have tips to share apart from what we have mentioned, let everyone know through the comments box below and share this post with all your TikTok-savvy friends.