Why a Small Business Needs a Mobile App

Why a Small Business Needs a Mobile App

After the Internet revolution, we met the era of mobile devices. Right now, it's time to use new effective solutions that storm into our world along with mobile technologies. It's about mobile apps.

If you have a mobile device, then you understand how various apps and services can be significant for a full life. Web design and development solutions can fundamentally change the way of doing business. In this article, we will tell you how can a mobile app influence business rising.

Is It Really Important to Have an App for a Small Business?

Some businesses believe that an application in their niche is not necessary. Indeed, you can do without it, but you should not be surprised why competitors grow and steal prospective customers away. Additionally, one application is not enough. It is necessary to develop comprehensively in the digital space and make a profitable website, integrating various innovative plugins and keeping an ear to the ground. D/Workz is one of the best companies which specializes in digital product development, including mobile apps. Let’s discuss the top reasons to implement a mobile app for your enterprise:

1. It helps you increase sales

Doing a roaring trade is the main goal of any business. All marketing tricks should help achieve this target. The built-in features of the application, for example, a discount card or bonus account, allow you to motivate users to buy goods or services from your company. This also instantly informs you about various promotions and discounts.

2. It’s beneficial for loyalty

Loyalty programs encourage repeat sales. For example, a bonus card motivates the customer to make several purchases before he can get a discount. Thus, the buyer will buy more than once, accumulating bonuses. Therefore, the business will, repeatedly, receive profit and loyal customers.

Customers hate having many physical bonus cards. The loyalty program in the customer’s device replaces the bonus card. Thus, giving the user a chance to clear space in their wallet - a great way to lure the buyer.

3. It helps to lure customers

To lure new customers you can offer your visitors an interesting bonus for installing the application. Everyone likes bonuses and discounts. Additionally, almost everyone has a mobile device. The application helps to launch new interesting marketing campaigns and thus stand out from competitors.

For example, a company offers to receive a 15% discount for a lifetime on certain categories of goods or services or receive a digital coupon for a pizza as a gift after installing the app. As a rule, visitors who buy a pizza will also order a coca-cola or two pizzas. The company is in the black, the business gets loyal customers.

4. It helps to keep in touch with the target audience

Today, everyone dealing in business promotion talks about the target audience. The trick is that the mobile application makes an appeal only to the target audience.

Let's imagine that a customer sees an advertisement for a mobile application of a spa center. They offer to install the application in order to be aware of attractive offers and special procedures. Who will install this application? That's right, those customers who are already visiting or planning to visit a center, that is, the target audience. After all, if the customer does not visit spa centers and is not interested in this topic, then no matter how hard you try to motivate them, they will not download and install the app.

And if a client installs a spa center application for himself, then they already show interest in the topic of the beauty industry and spa. Therefore, the company can send push notifications and offer corresponding options to him.

5. Website and mobile app is a powerful tool for a business

The application allows you to establish a permanent communication channel with prospective customers. The company's website can attract traffic through search engines, and by redirecting users from the site to a mobile application, the company will continue to work with a prospective customers further. When the customer closes the tab with the company's website, he stops interacting with the business, but when the site transfers the customer to the application, the work with the customer is just beginning.

6. It helps surpass rivals

Most companies use flyers, radio advertising, SMS marketing, websites, and social networks to promote their services. However, in AppStore and GooglePlay, there are barely a dozen applications for buyers within, for example, a particular city or region. And this means that the use of a mobile application gives a sustainable competitive advantage.

If, for example, you look at the websites of bakery delivery services through a computer browser, then you still need to do your best to get into the first lines of search results. But the application allows you to do it more quickly and get ahead of your rivals.

D/Workz Develops Mobile Apps for a Successful Business

D/Workz was founded with a deep passion for technical innovation, a deep love for understanding the market, and a growing team of hard-working developers aimed to make a difference in the world.

Many of the companies D/Workz cooperates with are already established or becoming leaders in their fields. These enterprises rely on us to create their digital assets because we meet and exceed their expectations.

We develop:

  • Lifestyle apps;
  • Social media apps;
  • Productivity apps;
  • Utility apps;
  • News and information apps and many others.

D/Workz designs and develops mobile apps for iOS and Android that allow existing customers of any company to keep using its services.


Mobile applications are one of the most powerful solutions for contacting the target audience from a business point of view. Almost every adult in the world has a mobile device, and the market continues to grow. This is a pretty strong argument in favor of focusing on web design and development solutions. One of the best companies to cooperate for mobile solutions development is D/Workz because they are one of those who know their trade.

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