What Small Businesses Need to Know About SEO

What Small Businesses Need to Know About SEO

Many small business owners don't prioritize search engine optimization because they believe their funds are better spent elsewhere. SEO, however, continues to increase in importance and is expanding into new areas. Every business, regardless of size, will benefit from a comprehensive SEO strategy.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

A business owner might think they know what search engine optimization is and how to implement these techniques on their site. However, many elements play a role in an effective SEO strategy, and business owners might overlook some of these elements. For example, SEO efforts need to take place on-page and off-page. On-page SEO efforts focus on formatting, load speed, and responsive design. Off-page SEO, in contrast, focuses on link building and social media, among other things.

Keyword Research

A business will never attract attention from the target audience unless it knows which keywords this audience searches for. The business owner must use the correct phrasing and keywords to organize information on the site and get noticed by search engines. These words help in content development and will spotlight the business.

However, improper use of these keywords can actually hurt a site's ranking. For example, search engines penalize those sites that stuff keywords into their content. Keyword stuffing affects the readability of the content, so businesses need to ensure the words and phrases flow naturally in the content. When they do, and the content is relevant, the search engines move the site up its search engine results page.

Competition and SEO

Every business must remain competitive and ready to adapt to a changing business landscape. Consumers have access to digital information they can use to make decisions in minutes. Small business owners benefit from location-based content. They share information about exceptional products and services and receive the exposure they might otherwise miss out on.

This allows small businesses to compete with larger organizations. While they lack the marketing budget their competitors do, they have access to the same tools and strategies. This allows them to get their brand and message before the public. If you struggle in this area, an SEO company can help.

Improved User Experience

An effective SEO strategy improves the user experience. Google has made this experience a priority in recent years. Any site that understands this will increase its visibility while improving its ranking. Most internet users begin their online session with a visit to a search engine, and users conduct billions of searches each day.

Every search engine wants to be the place where they start, which is why they prioritize the user experience. They recognize if the user is happy they will return. To improve this experience, a company needs to focus on website elements such as mobile compatibility and website speed.

Primary Traffic Source

Organic search results drive traffic to top-ranking businesses. Search engine optimization allows businesses to move up in the rankings and bring in more traffic. When a search engine views a site as a trusted resource, search engine users do the same. A quality website and comprehensive SEO strategy helps any company move up in search engine results.

Brightedge Research reports more than half of all web traffic comes from organic searches. The searches also bring the site to the attention of new audiences. Many people today believe organic social media drives more traffic today, but effective SEO strategies drive more traffic. This doesn't mean a company should ignore social media, however, as it also drives traffic to the site.

Local SEO Benefits

Local content offers extra value for users, as they can get a product or service they need quickly. Consumers rarely want to wait for these items and will look for somewhere to get them locally. When a company focuses on local SEO, they bring in more business. Long-tail keywords become of great help in improving a site's local SEO ranking. Create content around these keywords and move up in the search engine results.

Local citations and listings need to be relevant to the business location and vertical. Every business owner needs to claim their Google My Business listing and complete all profiles and panels. Make reviews a priority on various sites to draw in more local business.

International Reach

Any business that wants to go international needs a solid search engine optimization strategy to achieve this goal. All companies find they can become global competitors with the help of organic search. However, the company must create content that applies to local markets, as what is valid for one region may not apply to another location. The website structure must allow search engines to find the right webpages for users in any given location. Users need to see pricing and availability for their country before they make a purchase. The right SEO strategy ensures they do.

Brand Credibility

Employ a consistent search engine optimization strategy and watch the credibility of your business increase. Others within the industry learn more about your company, and the search engines will view it as an authority. Search engines regularly update their algorithms to better meet the needs of users. An effective SEO strategy uses white-hat techniques to draw the attention of search engines.

Any company using well-researched and ethical techniques will benefit. They maintain a blog, conduct keyword research to learn what words and phrases users search for, and optimize the site for mobile devices. Quality content and reputable links help companies move up in search engines and keep visitors on the site. These techniques build brand credibility.

Every business needs SEO to survive and thrive today. This holds for established brick-and-mortar businesses and start-up companies with a specialized audience. SEO ensures the business is visible online and consumers find it when they search for the company's selected keywords.

Competitors may rely on outbound marketing and other techniques that have been successful in the past without embracing digital marketing. When they do, the small business owner has the perfect opportunity to take business from them. Start small and build on the digital marketing strategy over time. SEO is the perfect place to start, as it continues working for weeks, months, and years into the future.

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