Are Directory Listings Still Effective for SEO Purposes in 2020?

A few years ago, everyone recognized the benefit of listing their businesses in online directories. Posting in directories gave companies an opportunity to build an easy link back to their site and crawl up the ranks of the search engines. Today, many directories are spammy and can hurt rather than help SEO. With that in mind, are directories listings still effective for SEO purposes in 2020? The answer is yes and no, depending on the directory.

Get to Know Local SEO

Localized SEO helps businesses get customers from the neighborhood and build a brand reputation in the area. The use of a company's NAP (name, address, and phone number) helps improve customers' chances of finding it. Finding a reputable Local SEO Directory List helps companies get noticed on the search engines. Customers can easily figure out how to contact the business and get more information. The goal of local SEO is to bring customers in and get them to take action. Many businesses benefit best from local SEO, such as restaurants and delivery services.

Choose Quality Directories

There was a time when people paid to get listings in directories. The competitors were all doing it, and it seemed necessary to move up the ranks of search engines. Over the years, Google recognized it as a quick way to build links with little other relevant information provided. Despite that fact, companies continued to recognize local SEO benefits by appearing in targeted directories. Choosing quality directories is crucial to avoid Google penalties and reach out to the right people. Often, spam directories get little or no targeted traffic and are not worth the time and effort.

Post Relevant Listings

Relevancy is one of the major factors scrutinized by Google. Listings should be relevant and include all details about the business. Avoid sparse listings with a NAP and few other details about the company. The goal is to get people to learn more about the business and want to connect. Choose interactive directories that offer possibilities to communicate between customers and other businesses. Often, reciprocal links are an option with directories that permit some level of interaction. Having a listing in these directories can also drive more targeted traffic to your site.

Add Images and More

Some directories permit a logo or other image. Adding this helps to build brand recognition and proves the company is legitimate. A consistent logo and description with the business' NAP encourages local people to find out more. When they keep seeing the company, they begin to recognize what it offers and relate to the services. Directories give companies an opportunity to showcase their overall image and rise in the ranks of the search engines. Selecting directories that allow robust listings helps improve SEO and branding as well as bring an ongoing stream of traffic to the site.

Directories were initially created in the days before keyword searches were available. Early Internet users had to scroll through lists of topics and categories to find what they wanted. The way we search has changed dramatically since the advent of the Internet. Keyword searches are the norm, making certain types of directories irrelevant. Search for the best directories to improve search engine rankings, brand the company, and drive targeted traffic to the site for as long as the listing remains live.

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