What are the Best Ways for Measuring Employee Productivity?

What are the Best Ways for Measuring Employee Productivity

As the business technology landscape constantly evolves, managers should always be on the lookout for the most effective, accurate, and outright best ways for measuring employee productivity. This means scouring all potential resources. Whether from books & blogs or boardrooms & bathrooms, for the best ways to quantify the performance of your workforce.

We’ve done the legwork for you and have a list of some of the best ways that you can identify and evaluate the productivity of your workforce. The methods will vary in scope, so there are comprehensive options for measuring productivity on both the individual and group or team levels.

Look At The Quality Of Their Work

Look up articles on productivity from any of the really insightful business blogs out there, and you’ll realize that your primary metric for measuring an effective and valuable employee is their deliverability. This is going to be accurate no matter the industry or position. This is because only the quality of the product and the satisfaction of the client really matter.

In a service capacity, this deliverable is their service. This can be an incredibly complex system of potential metrics. In a production capacity, this would encompass not only the accuracy of the final product but the rate of production. Consider everything that can likely be a factor.

Time Tracking

While it may be one of the older methods for measuring productivity per unit of time, time tracking has continued to evolve. It has developed with the advancement of the business landscape. Now in a post-COVID environment, you can manage your workforce’s time can be effortlessly by leveraging any one of many popular apps to track employee time.

These apps often have both a desktop and a mobile component. This means the functionality of time tracking is available no matter where or what the employee is doing. This makes them perfect for just about any employment productivity measurement scenario. So in-office employees, remote workers, or even those who travel during work can use it.

Client Feedback

Get feedback from your clients, both satisfied and unsatisfied. This can give a great deal of meaning to the average satisfaction survey. There are a host of tools and software suites out there from simple survey sites to full customer relationship management tools. Most CRM tools encompass a much wider variety of features.

The most useful and robust CRM tools will not only have customer communication like email built-in, but it will also allow tracking of customer history and previous interactions. By integrating knowledge base functionality some CRM tools allow the incorporation of previous solutions into new processes quite easily.

Monitoring Software

Many industries deal with potentially confidential or personally identifiable information. Whether health, financial, business, or personal data. This means there is a need to measure the productivity of employees in a confidential way. No need to worry though, this is where monitoring software can help tremendously. It also is potentially the farthest-reaching and the most effective way to measure your workforce.

Implement it in a transparent and fair way, so employees can find value and trust in the monitoring program. Provide details on how you will use the data you collect. This helps them to trust that the business is not violating their privacy.

This is a potent method for assessing and monitoring employee productivity and compliance on an enterprise-wide scale. Measure both individuals as well as the teams that they are members of. This gives quite possibly the greatest ability to measure productivity. It can often provide second-to-second visibility into the apps, clients, and other business matters that the employees are involved in.

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