8 Reasons to Use Social Media for CRM

8 Reasons to Use Social Media for CRM

Social media is so far the most used platform by people all over the world. Every single day on Twitter, people tweet about a lot of things. Among the things they tweet about happens to be about how businesses and customers interact. This is where CRM and social media work together for businesses.

If you have not heard of this then you might be wondering what the crm definition looks like. has more answers on that. For a business that is looking forward to growing and expanding, what matters most is the customer. In the dynamic business world, businesses have implemented new ways of tracking down and acquiring potential clients through the use of CRM software.

Using social media for customer relationship management is an excellent way of targeting and acquiring customers for your business. It comes with a lot of advantages to it. Social media can be used to resolve issues with clients and also develop better relationships with them. You may be wondering why it is efficient for CRM to use social media and the following are the reasons why.

1. That is where your clients are

This is a new age, and many people in it spend their time on social media. Meaning that it is where your clients and potential clients are. If your business is in search for more of them, then you have no choice but to follow them to where they are and connect to them any time. This is where a huge potential avails itself.

2. Preferred means communication

With the use of Social media customer relationship management, your business gets a chance to communicate with its clients with the means they prefer. It can be trough social media, email, chat, phone or even text. This ensures that your clients communicate easily with your business for they like the means that they are using. Each one of them has a preference, and you must consider all of them.

3. Customers have different expectations

Clients in the modern world like it when they can quickly move from one channel of communication to another. They also expect the business to respond to them quickly and on a personal level. If the business recognizes all of them, then they do not need any explanations of what they need.

4. Tracking customer interaction with the business

What does CRM stand for, and what does it do? .These are questions also of importance if you are to understand how it can be integrated with social media. Businesses use CRM software in the management of customers. It collects information and stores them on the businesses server. Similarly, it can track down clients on social media when they communicate with your business through a social channel.

5. Faster response time

In the past, it was very difficult to get a hold of customer service. For that very reason, customers chose not to contact the business at all. Even if they did, then it was just a few. With the use of social CRM, your business can respond faster, better, and even predict what they may need in the future. Your business can provide faster and better resolutions to their customer service handles in the entire business. The result is the happiness of the business’s clients. What matters more than the satisfaction of your clients?

6. Better marketing

With the enhanced reach, lower costs and visibility. Marketers can make use of CRM to enhance the reach and at the same time, improve on customer measurement and tracking. This can result in the improvement of their marketing tactics and help in boosting sales and lead generation. 

7. Customized sales

Social CRM can be used to track each of the potential client’s location and progress within the sales funnel. The sales team can then come up with customized experience for specific users instead of using the blanket approach of traditional CRM.

8. Attracting and capturing new leads

The CRM meaning, customer relationship management is the most appropriate option to achieve social media campaign goals. You can make use of CRM to spot appropriate consumer timings and send them messages. Then, you can place them in targeted groups in consideration of their customer contact details, previous interactions with your business, spending habits, behavior patterns and a lot more.

To define CRM, it is essential to understand its benefits. In summary, using social media for CRM can significantly improve your business.


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