Understanding Broadband Internet for Businesses

Understanding Broadband Internet for Businesses

Different things make the internet tick, one of them is broadband. It is what transports the signals that make it possible for you to surf the net, shop online, or perform any of your usual online activities. ISPs are responsible for providing broadband in different capacities, depending on the tier of the ISP. in this article, we will discuss how businesses use broadband internet connection to run their business. If you want more information about what broadband is, you can visit Rango.

What Is Broadband?

Broadband simply means the wide bandwidth data transmission between the ISP and the user. In other words, broadband is the carrier of the data that provides an internet connection between the ISP and the user. The types of connection include Cable Fiber optic, DSL, and so on. The connections are known to provide high-speed internet for users. Many relate Broadband to fast internet because, for one, it always connects and removes the need for dial-up. Broadband allows for high quality and quick access to information, data transmission, teleconferencing, and many more things you can do on the internet.

How It Works 

Known for providing high-speed internet, broadband uses many lines for the transmission of several data instead of a single line used by the old dial-up connection. In simple terms, it implies that more than one band is used to transmit data. Using a car analogy. A dial-up connection uses one car to transport data from the ISP to the user. However, broadband uses multiple cars, which makes it possible for more data to move at a time. This is what accounts for the fast internet speed of broadband. This process is a two-way street. Data transmits to and from between the ISP and the internet user. The two main elements of broadband are high-speed internet and availability. It is fast and is available at all times.

Types of Broadband Connections

Cable Modem

This is a type of broadband connection that allows for data transmission on the same coaxial cable that is mostly used by cable companies to send pictures to your television. This is common for TV companies. The cable modem is an external device that uses and provides a speed of 1.5 Mbps or more to transmit pictures and sound to your television. However, the speed will vary depending on the option from your cable provider.


This type of broadband connection is either mobile or fixed. It transmits data through radio signals from the service providers’ facility to the user’s location. Wireless broadband allows for long-range transmission to remote areas that do not have access to Cable Fiber or DSL. The transmission speed of wireless is similar to that of Cable and DSL.


This type of broadband connection uses fiber optic technology that converts electrical signals to light. These electrical signals carry the data for an internet connection. After the electrical signals convert to light, they travel through transparent glass fibers. Fiber broadband is known to be the fastest as the speed it uses to transmit data is significantly greater than that of cable modems and DSL. It often travels at tens to hundreds of Mbps. A fiber broadband connection can deliver video, and voice and is also an alternative to the traditional cable connection. Fiber broadband is not as popular as the other connections just yet. This is because it requires companies to build out special fiber networks. This is something most companies do not have the capacity for just yet. However, this is growing rapidly.

Broadband Power Line (BPL)

A broadband power line is a connection that transmits data over existing powerlines. A BPL can be set up using a building’s existing electrical system. It offers speeds similar to Cable and DSL. BPL is a new broadband technology, so is only available in select areas. Many view this as a perfect solution because of its use of power lines which are everywhere. They argue that this reduces the need to build new and costly infrastructure to service each broadband customer.

Digital Line Subscriber (DSL)

This connection transmits data via copper wires that already exist in businesses and homes as a result of telephone line connections. The speed of DSL broadband is known to range from hundred Kbps to millions of bits per second. DSL broadband has two categories: Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) and Symmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (SDSL). ADSL is asymmetrical because its users receive a lot of data from it without sending back a lot of data. Naturally, it has a higher speed for incoming data than outgoing data. SDSL on the other hand sends and receives a lot of data and has a high speed for both incoming and outgoing data.


Satellite broadband connection is a wireless system that uses satellites available in the Earth’s orbit for the transmission of data. It is popular for providing broadband connectivity in remote areas across the globe. Broadband connectivity companies use this to provide internet everywhere around the globe. Its download speed is about 500 Kbps and it has an upload speed of 80 Kbps.

Benefits of Broadband For Your Business

Increase Productivity - This is an obvious advantage because broadband offers high-speed internet. This is good both for your staff and customers. Work goes on seamlessly for a business with broadband internet service.

Information Sharing and Research Are Faster - With fast internet, you can share and receive heavy files necessary for your business activities. It also ensures that you get information very fast over the internet.

Internet Marketing Made Easier - Faster internet will ensure that your internet marketing approach is simple and effective worldwide.

HD and 3D Video Conferencing - This can only be possible with a fast broadband connection. Staff can communicate visually with one another and with customers.

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