Uncommon Things You Can Do On Your Computer

Uncommon Things You Can Do On Your Computer

There are many new and improved features in the latest release of the Windows operating system. The number of these capabilities that aren't used, though, could surprise you.

Some can not be easy to find or can just be overlooked features. Others could have had a specific intent, but they are also valuable in other contexts. Let's examine a few of these pointers and tips.

The following list of computer-related abilities may surprise you.

Pin contacts to taskbar

You probably already know that Windows 10's taskbar allows you to pin various items. But did you know that one of these provides quick access to your most popular contacts?

To start, click on the Get Started button after selecting the People icon in the taskbar. Using Skype or email will then open choices for choosing contacts to pin.

Game screen recording

This secret recording capability can be used to capture other activities and apps in addition to recording gaming sessions on your computer. You can make a how-to video for a blog article, which is a simple way to email someone instructions, and so on.

To get started, open the Game Bar by pressing the Windows key plus G.

Optional Start Menu

There is a technique to quickly create a Start menu that, in most cases, looks like the previous ones. This is ideal for individuals who still have fond memories of the earlier Windows versions, primarily Windows 7 editions.

Right-click the Start button to bring it up in place of the default Start menu.

It will display a menu with options more familiar to seasoned Windows users. This is a quick method to show things like the Run command or Task Manager.

Focus Assist for less interruptions

You probably find continual alerts distracting whether you're working, or playing your favorite game. Windows Focus Assist exists to help with this. You can focus better by using the function, which filters the kind of alerts you get.

You can change its settings by selecting Focus Assist under Start, Settings, and System. Define priorities and make rules in this section, such as establishing times when you don't want to be disturbed.

Hide Show Desktop button

There are usually some hidden features of Windows that you are unaware of on your computer. If not concealed, it is at least difficult to locate.

On the far right-hand side of the Windows taskbar is where you'll find the display desktop button. Finding it isn't quite intuitive because it's thin. After you click it, the desktop will become visible and all currently active windows will minimize.

You can also enable the peek option when you right-click on the taskbar and select Taskbar settings. To see a desktop sample after turning on the option, move your cursor over that tiny area or button.

Screen Capture Technology

Like most Windows users, you probably take screenshots by pressing the print screen (Prt Sc) key. While this functions, some PC users have been known to enviously compare their built-in screen capture capabilities to those of Mac users.

For Windows users, there is hope. One (built-in) tool is simply named Snipping Tool. It includes two modes: one for taking screenshots of full windows and one that lets you drag a box to choose items (much like the Mac capabilities).

Another tool for screenshot capture is Snip & Sketch. You might need to download it from the Microsoft Store before you can use it. After that, you can draw a box around anything you want to record by pressing the Windows key while holding down the Shift key and S.

Pin favorite websites to Start Menu

You can simply locate what you're looking for by customizing the Windows 10 Start Menu. While moving and resizing tiles may be second nature to you, you can also include a third non-application component like your top sports betting sites.

To accomplish this, open the Microsoft Edge browser, go to the target website. Then, simply select Pin this page to Start from the three-dot menu. On the website's menu, a tile will show up.

Cortana's cool stuff

A voice-activated personal assistant, Cortana is comparable to Alexa or Siri. The moniker (and voice) was inspired by a cherished AI (hologram) character from the well-known Halo video game series.

Searching, making reminders, managing smart home devices, checking the weather, and many more tasks are just a few of the things Cortana may help you with. You can even add skills to your Alexa device so that it can launch Cortana (and vice versa).

Although Cortana is a well-publicized feature and isn't really a hidden treasure, there are definitely many applications for it that you might not consider. Try new things without hesitation, and utilize this AI on your computer.

Sticky Notes

Who hasn't seen (or used) those tiny pieces of paper that are ideal for making notes or reminders? This capability is also on your computer. The Windows operating system has an option to stick notes to your desktop rather than the refrigerator.

Sticky Notes can also sync to the cloud with other (Windows) devices, Outlook, and more. The app also supports touchscreen input and can make reminders by syncing with Cortana.

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