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You know how hectic the process can get if you have tons of work or messages to type. The better news is that you can now reduce your computer time by using a smart text expander. For example, take a scenario where most of your phrases have a shorter form. You type the short form, and the software completes the intended word or phrase. Talk of efficiency, right? That's what smart text expanders do.

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What are Smart Text Expanders

Text expanders are software that allows you to sum up content with fewer keystrokes than you usually would. The point is to lower the number of times you press your keyboard to improve typing speed and communication. The procedure is simple — you assign a short form to content, and the text expander completes the word or phrase when you type the short form.

What is FlyMSG?

flyMSG smart text expander

FlyMSG is a smart text expander that allows you to create email templates and keyboard shortcuts. With FlyMSG, you don't have to spend a lot of time organizing, copying, and pasting texts and templates to CRM or other forms. Whether you are a sales rep, marketer, human resource, etc., FlyMSG does not limit who can use the software.


FlyMSG boasts a rich set of features to allow you to navigate through the processes with ease. It is used in the Chrome browser at this time so can be used by you on any website you are on within Chrome.  It is added for free simply by installing the Chrome extension in the Chrome webstore. Some of the features include:

A Rich-text Message Editor

As the name suggests, the editor lets you type content in short with it's smart text expander capabilities. Then, the software automatically edits or completes the word for you. For instance, you can set the phrase 'humben' to mean 'human beings.' So, every time you type 'humben,' your text appears as 'human being' and not 'humben'.

You can also use it for longer email messages such as standard replies you want to give to an initial inquiry on your website.  This allows you to write an entire email (or 3!) and save each with a short code.  Then when you are in your email within Chrome, simply type the shortcode and the entire email template you saved is loaded saving you minutes PER EMAIL!

Spell Check

Spellcheck notifies you when you have a typo error so you can write a mistake-free message. For instance, when you type the word 'comission' by mistake, the feature expands the word to 'commission.' So, every time you misspell a word, the tool highlights and spells the word with the correct changes.


You have no fear that you'll suddenly lose your work or template when you use FlyMSG. Autosaves takes the worry off your shoulder and lets you reuse your templates and texts on different platforms. For example, you can use a template on online forms and google Docs without using copy and paste.


FlyMSG is primarily used to boost your typing speed and improve written communication like emails. You can insert snippets of text instantly to streamline productivity and improve engagement. Also, FlyMSG improves response time in departments like customer service. That's because you only hit a few keystrokes and complete the message.

You would get bored if you had to type the same things repeatedly. If the nature of your business requires you to send similar texts, you'll have to type the same messages many times. Perhaps you want to personalize the messages, but you still have to make amendments. Boredom reduces your productivity, so FlyMSG takes the boredom off your shoulders, improving efficiency.

Wrapping it Up

Gone are the seasons when you had to spend hours on your computer to type and send messages. You can now reduce the time and effort with text expanders. The time to say goodbye to boredom, less engagement, and low productivity is now, and your ideal choice is FlyMSG. FlyMSG is an excellent option for sales, marketing, and other professionals who do a lot of typing online.  It’s a tool that gives you more for less.

Take Action!

Ok, that's a quick overview of FlySMG, the smart text expander.  What stood out to you?  Ready to head to the Chrome webstore and add FlyMSG?

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