Turn Your Car Into A Powerful Marketing Tool

Turn Your Car Into A Powerful Marketing Tool

Do you drive a car? If so, then you might have a powerful marketing tool at your fingertips. We put a lot of stress on digital marketing these days - and rightly so. It's proven that techniques like search engine optimization and social media marketing can generate leads for your business. But, it's also a good idea to consider some more traditional methods to complement your digital campaign. 

That brings us nicely onto your car; how can you use it as a marketing tool? Well, it's actually rather simple, yet quite genius - here's what you need to know: 

Brand Your Vehicle

Effectively, the whole idea revolves around the concept of branding your vehicle. I've mentioned a car in this article, but you can apply this idea to vans, motorcycles; whatever it is you own. 

A branded vehicle is one that's customized according to your brand image. The best example of this is the Coca Cola truck, which has become iconic around Christmas time. As you can see from the image below, Coca Cola has taken a regular truck and covered it in Coca Cola branding. 



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Now, everyone takes notice of it. If you saw a regular truck, you wouldn't even glance twice at it. But, the branding catches your eye and makes you stop and turn. This increases brand visibility and can also generate leads. 

The same sort of concept can be applied to your car; customize it, so your logo is emblazoned on it, and you have an eye-catching design. Branded cars should be colorful, so people take notice of them. But, they should also contain some vital information as well. Coca Cola can get away with just the logo because they're a large business and everyone knows who they are. For a small company like yours, it's a good idea to have a little slogan - or at least a short sentence that tells people what you do. 

As a very uncreative example, let's imagine you operate an accounting business. Your company name is your own name - so let's call you Jo Bloggs. On the side of your vehicle, you can have your logo, followed by a line saying 'For all your accounting needs'. Obviously, come up with something more effective than that! But, this just shows how now people will understand what service you offer. 

Also, add in contact details on the sides and back of your car - a telephone/cell number, and your email will be great. You could also put your social media handles there as well. Inside the vehicle, you can continue the promotion with custom air fresheners that show off your brand logo and colors. Again, this helps attract more attention - particularly when your car is parked. 

Make Yourself Visible

When you've branded your vehicle, you have to make yourself visible. If possible, park in public places where lots of people will see your car. Pick the kids up from school, and use your car on your daily commute. This gets more eyes on your vehicle, meaning more people will soon know about your business. 

Marketing is all about finding innovative ways to promote your business without blowing all of your marketing budget. Transforming an average car into a branded machine is the perfect example of this!  Did you know that all cars have value?  Even wrecked cars.  Check out if you want to get a take on the value of your old vehicles as you look to upgrade and make your new vehicle more visible for your business!

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