Top Features to Look For in Pharmacy Management Software

best pharmacy management software

Pharmacy management software is an intelligent system that automates workflow to provide seamless customer experiences. The best pharmacy management system is the one that accelerates your business. Therefore, it should be capable of digitizing most, if not all, of your pharmacy processes and result in increased customer satisfaction. If you are currently comparing pharmacy management systems, here are some features that you have to achieve competitiveness;

1. Prescriptions

Prescriptions tend to be hard to read. The illegibility of doctors’ scripts tends to be one of the leading causes of errors while dispensing medication. Unclear prescriptions also lead to the dispensing of the wrong medicine, causing severe allergies or ailments. Therefore, e-prescriptions are one of the must-have features in your pharmacy management system. This feature will mitigate the risk of errors. Also, this feature will help streamline the refill process since physicians can directly update new refills on the pharmacy management system. Consequently, it results in rapid medication dispensing.

2. Reporting

Proper reporting is crucial for any business. It aids in data analysis; hence, businesses can make informed decisions and strategies, accelerating their profitability, sales, and growth. With this feature, pharmacists do not have to remember every detail of their interactions with patients. Moreover, these professionals interact with many patients, doctors, sales executives, and medical representatives daily. Therefore, remembering all the information is not possible. However, with pharmacy management software, all essential information can be stored and retrieved as necessary.

3. Billing and Point of Sale (POS)

Accounting and billing are integral parts of pharmacy management. Therefore, a pharmacy management system that does not have these features might not be as effective. You will need management software that can aid in receiving orders, processing payments, issuing receipts, and reporting. If your system possesses a billing feature, it means that it can accurately determine medication codes and fetch the right price. Thus, this module should include loyalty program management, financial reporting, electronic signatures, and financial reporting. On the other hand, the POS feature will ensure that patients can effectively make payments.

4. Alerts and SMS

Another important feature required in pharmacy management software is alerts and SMS. Besides, if you desire your pharmacy to grow, you will need to connect with your patients regularly. Embedding this feature within your pharmacy management software can help you schedule push notifications or text messages to be sent out to your patients.

For example, if one of your patients will need a refill soon, you can use the software to send them a message and inform them that their prescription is about to run out. On the other hand, patients can use this feature to respond and update you if they need a refill. Therefore, this feature is integral in building and maintaining customer relationships.

5. Inventory Management

When selecting a pharmacy management software, you will need to ensure that there is a stock management integration. This feature will help you classify products, manage stock levels, receive and generate orders, and print labels. In particular, this feature will help you evaluate the performance of inventory so that you do not stock slow-moving medication that could lead to losses as items expire on the shelf. This module will also help effectively analyze patients' health records to determine needed orders and quantities.

The first step to getting a pharmacy management software that benefits your business is ensuring that all the important features have been integrated. Some of the features you should be on the lookout for include reporting, billing, inventory management, alerts, SMS, etc. These integrations will go a long way in helping you address some of the most prominent challenges that your pharmacy business may be facing.

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