Best 5 Automated Crypto Trading Platforms with Bots

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The cryptocurrency trend is rapidly gaining interest among novice and professional traders. There are all-inclusive factors that make this industry more engaging and attractive for traders. Some of these factors are volatility, ease of access, and a plethora of tools. Crypto trading tools like Bitcoin 360 AI give investors opportunities to achieve goals by understanding market trends. To maximize the profit in a fluctuating market, traders evaluate the platforms and pick the option suited to their strategies and goals. Therefore, it is essential to assess the available options and make a well-informed decision.

Top 5 Trading Tools

Here are some top-graded tools you can evaluate and pick crypto trading endeavors:

1.     WunderBit

WunderBit is a German crypto exchange with slick security benefits and well-designed trading terminals. Copy-trading and crypto trading bots make this trading platform incredibly unique and supportive to minimize loss levels. You can submit orders by automating strategies backed by various parameters such as timeframe, bid price, and asking price. Also, traders can switch to manual trading and select the best pairs after in-depth chart analysis. Wunderbit offers 7-days free trials, which allows you to get the hang of the interface and assess the features. Besides, three other plans are there that users can choose

  •       Lucrative features such as crypto bots
  •       Multiple portfolios
  •       Free basic account

2.     3Commas

Perfect for novices and professionals, this trading platform includes a simple dashboard, educational resources, and bot trading tools. Their pricing plans are affordable and designed keeping beginners in mind. Also, professional traders can customize the tool according to their skillset and needs. 3commas has one of the most attentive customer support teams. Here is what you can expect:

  •       Learning Tools
  •       Easy to Understand Dashboard
  •       Responsive customer support

3.     Cryptohopper

This tool is suitable for investors with any experience level and right for individual trading activities. Furthermore, automated trading options enable investors to make profits without staring at the screens for long periods. This is a secure and advanced trading platform with low fees and incredible currency pairs. The advanced charting system equips traders with crypto short sales, stop orders, and margins. This is what you will get with this tool:

  •       Attentive customer support
  •       Compatible with other exchanges
  •       Access pre-programmed trading moves

4.     Zignaly

Zignaly is a robust and successful trading tool with automated trading bots. It supports the users with advanced features and toolsets. The interface is powered by cloud computation and provides access to a smooth and accessible interface. This is a productive web application for novices and professionals. The trading terminal helps investors to create successful strategies. What’s more, Zignaly integrates with crypto exchanges to store and manage funds, giving additional security to investors.

  •       Robust support system
  •       Knowledge hub
  •       Exclusive altcoin options 

5.     Stackedinvest

Stackedinvest allows investors to automate their strategies. With pre-built indices, trading won’t be a complex process. The indices efficiently restructure your profile. Although the platform is new, it gives the users mind-blowing features. Pre-built indices and automated bots make this platform different from others. This platform offers an easy-to-use interface with a different account that traders can choose based on their experience level. Here is what you will get with Stackedinvest.

  •       Seamless trading interface
  •       Free Index, Rebalancing Tools
  •       Incredible trading experience

Another Option - Trality

Founded in 2019 and based in Vienna, Austria, Trality has quickly established itself as a leading player in algorithmic trading. Whether you’re a Python guru, a casual trader, or someone who doesn’t know how to code, Trality has the right tools for you. Use their Rule Builder to create your own trading bot simply by dragging and dropping indicators and strategies, or leverage your coding skills and program some sophisticated Python trading bots in the world's first browser-based Python Code Editor. It would take you just a few easy steps to establish a secure API connection for your Binance trading bot or bot for many other popular exchanges. Some key features include:

  • Rapid Backtester
  • in-browser Python Code Editor
  • Bot marketplace


As you are aware of the premium trading tools in the market, you can make a well-informed decision. These platforms will offer incredible tools to understand the market trends, chart patterns, making sure you carefully purchase digital assets.

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