6 Tips for Creating Eye-Catching Presentations

6 Tips for Creating Eye-Catching Presentations

Pictures have an incredible power to hold attention. Bold colors, interesting fonts and expressive images bring any presentation to life. In turn, exciting business presentations motivate people to action. They can convince potential customers to make a purchase or show coworkers why your idea is important.

Forget about boring slideshows with dry facts. Our helpful how-to guide for eye-catching presentations can help you turn your next meeting into something incredible. Try these six amazing tips. And when you do consider them, try them out using Intro Maker to create your entertaining and informative slideshows.

1. Choose the Right Images

Pictures can move emotions and tell a story, but only if your audience understands the connection. Select images that are directly related to the topic you’re covering. For example, if you want to show that healthy eating can make people happy, try to find a picture of a group of smiling friends sharing a nutritious meal. Inserting pictures about weight loss or bike riding wouldn’t make sense unless you’re specifically talking about those points.

2. Make Sure Your Content Is Large Enough To See

It’s generally a good idea to shoot for at least HD images, or 1920x1080 pixels, when using slides. If you’re giving a presentation for a large auditorium, and you have a projector compatible with 4K resolution, select images that are 4096x2160 pixels instead. That way even people far in the back can see what’s going on. After all, the pictures aren’t effective if people don’t understand what they’re looking at.

3. Add a Few Incredible PDFs

PDF content can make complex topics much easier to understand. They allow you to take screenshots and modify them with notes, text and other tools. That way your audience can do more than imagine what you’re talking about; they can see the process one step at a time.

  • Examples: PDFs are awesome for providing examples. If you’re talking about how to create a great website, take your presentation to the next level by showing PDF examples of incredible websites. You can even underline the content that proves your point.
  • Infographics: PDF infographics combine vector images and easy to understand text. These tools are especially helpful for talking about benefits and numbered lists. You can have one vector image for each benefit with a small description, such as “lose weight,” “have more energy,” improve concentration,” and “feel happier.”
  • Walkthroughs: With multiple screenshots in PDF format, you can show your audience how to do something. The key is to identify the most important steps and then organize pictures for each one. This is helpful for teaching people how to fill out the online forms, for example.

The key to creating awesome PDF content for your presentations is to select a PDF editor with a lot of tools. We recommend checking out PDF Simpli’s free online PDF editor and JPG to PDF converter. It lets you upload pictures and add text, draw shapes, underline, play around with arrows and combine multiple photos. In fact, you can even add video to your PDFs if you want.

4. Make the Main Points Shine

While pictures are incredible for eye-catching presentations, you need to keep things simple if you want your audience to remember your message. Don’t include something just because you think it looks cool. Instead, select a few main points and choose images that really make them stand out. That way your presentation is clear, powerful and easy to follow.

5. Avoid Unnecessary Pie Charts

Pie charts aren’t as interesting as many businesspeople seem to think. Attention-grabbing statistics that show why an issue is important to your audience can be valuable, but keep these to a minimum. Otherwise you may end up putting people to sleep instead of motivating them.

6. Take Advantage of Color Contrasts

When preparing slides for PowerPoint, smart use of bold color is your friend. One of the most powerful techniques is to use a three-color layout. Choose a monochromatic color scheme for the presentation background, such as lighter and darker shades of blue. Then add a vibrant contrasting color to highlight accent text or images you want people to remember.

How To Go Beyond Your Slides

The best presentations are effective because you give them personality. The right images and colors have a huge impact on your audience, but it’s your passion, humor and excitement that really create a memorable presentation. Use great content as a jumping-off point to get people involved. If possible, throw away your notes and describe images in your own words.

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