Guide To Creating Unforgettable Presentations

There are many different circumstances whereby presentations come in useful, helping you to convey your message in a powerful and easy-to-understand manner. Good presentation skills enable you to persuade and inform your audience. Whether you’re addressing a potential candidate or you are training your employees, presentations can have a powerful impact. However, this is only going to be the case if you know how to put together an unforgettable presentation that will wow your audience. That’s exactly what this guide is here to assist with. Read on to discover some key tips on how to create unforgettable presentations.

We will cover everything from selecting the best presentation software and optimizing readability to using the 10-20-30 rule and creating visual consistency across your presentation.

Choose great presentation software

There is only one place to begin when it comes to putting together an unforgettable presentation, and this is by choosing effective presentation making software. This is something that Pitch can assist with, as they provide a free presentation maker that ticks all of the boxes.

Guide To Creating Unforgettable Presentations

There are a lot of different features that you can expect from the best presentation tools on the market today. This includes the following:

Transition features

Transition features give you the ability to ensure your presentations are engaging, interesting, and flow in a stylish and professional manner.


The best presentation tools also come with a range of premade templates for you to choose from, so you can easily put together the perfect presentation. For instance, Slidesgo offers a wide array of free presentation templates, along with an AI presentation maker, to further streamline your presentation creation process.

Templates are often split up into different categories based on the type of presentation you are going to be giving.

You are then able to save your presentation so that you can use it again in the future, simply swapping out the content and images, ensuring your branding is on point and putting together a corporate presentation in the future is a breeze.

Real-time co-authoring

Real-time co-authoring is also another popular feature, which enables different people to work on the same presentation at the same time.

Media features

It also makes sense to find out what sort of media features are available for your presentation. For example, can you add video and audio? What about animated elements? You want to make sure that you are going to have all of the tools at your disposal to put together the perfect presentation.


Use visuals to engage your audience

To deliver an impressive presentation, you need to incorporate visuals. After all, your presentation would be pretty mundane if it was simply some text on a plain background.

Getting the attention of your audience is one thing, yet holding it is another.

Just by adding some enticing images to your presentation, you can enhance engagement rates and memory retention considerably.

After all, did you know that 90 percent of the information that is transmitted to the brain is visual?

The statistics on visual images do not end there either. Buffer has revealed that 50 percent of your brain is involved in the process of digesting visuals. Plus, your brain will process visual images 60,000 times faster than text.

So, if the main objective of your presentation is to make an imprint on the memory of your audience, look no further than visual stimulation.

Furthermore, content that includes attractive images has seen a 94 percent increase in consumer engagement when contrasted with content without.

10-20-30 rule

If you have not heard about the 10-20-30 rule, it is something that you may want to consider when it comes to your presentations.

This is a rule that was developed by Guy Kawaski, but what is it?

  1. No presentation should be more than 10 slides.
  2. Shouldn't last longer than 20 minutes.
  3. No presentation should have text that is less than 30 point font.

You may want to consider using this as a framework to make sure that your presentation is short and that the information can be digested with ease. This is a great way to ensuring that your audience is engaged and that you convey your information effectively.

Tell a story

One of the best ways to put together an impressive presentation is to make sure you tell a good story.

Rather than simply displaying a list of bullet points, think of a way to make your presentation read more like a story. After all, you know yourself that when you’re reading a list, it’s hardly very engaging, isn’t it?

Instead, think about how you can use interesting anecdotes from first-hand experience in order to back up your information. This alone can make a massive difference to the effectiveness of your presentation.

In fact, Fast Company has revealed that a massive 92 percent of people want content that is in a story format.

As presentations are inherently a type of marketing with an end objective of getting viewers to buy into what you have to say, it makes sense to give people what they want and craft your presentations with this in mind.

Create visual consistency in your presentation

When you design a presentation slide by slide, it is not uncommon to end up with a bunch of slides that work on their own but do not have any sort of chosen as a unit.

This can result in painful revisions to the structure, layout, content, and design.

It is critical to build visual consistency into your presentation design from the very beginning and make sure you keep this in mind as you continue with your design.

presenting professionally

You can use slide frames and backgrounds to ensure there is consistency across your slide deck.

Whether gradient or solid, filled with photos or shapes or even patterns, ensuring that your backgrounds are the same across your slides will help to create a sense of unity as viewers navigate through them.

It is for this reason why you need to choose presentation making software with a lot of care. The best presentation making tools on the market today will enable you to choose from premade templates as well as saving your own brand elements too.

Make sure your presentation is easy to read

There is nothing worse than presentations that are overloaded with content and background noise. Thus, making it so that you do not even want to bother reading them.

A presentation that looks nice is, of course, a great thing! However, you need to make sure that the viewer can easily read and digest the information that is on the slide.

To ensure that you achieve this, here are a few tips to follow:

Clear and concise writing is a must

Huge blocks of text can be very intimidating. If you are writing a paragraph, limit it to 12 words for every line for optimal readability. Reading a long line of text can result in fatigue.

Make the most of white space

White space is your friend when it comes to presentation design. Make sure there is sufficient margin around your text so that it does not feel cramped.

Correct line height is vital

If the line height is too tight, it can make it feel claustrophobic and too difficult to read. On the flip side, if it is too loose, it makes it feel like the paragraph is not a cohesive unit anymore.

Pay attention to height

You also need to pay careful attention to height when it comes to your presentation. It is much easier to read a typeface with a higher x-height, especially if the font is in a small size.

Think outside of the box

Aside from the tips that we have mentioned so far, it is always important to think outside of the box when it comes to presentations as well. How can you approach your presentation in a unique manner?

Rather than going for the standard PowerPoint set up, look for unique and interesting ways to showcase your information.

If you think outside of the box. This can go a very long way to keeping your audience engaged. After all, viewers do not want to see the same sort of format every time they sit down to view a presentation.

Final words on putting together an unforgettable presentation

So there you have it: everything that you need to know about putting together an impressive presentation. We hope that the tips and suggestions above will help you to create an unforgettable presentation that enables you to reach your goals.

It all begins with choosing the best presentation software. This way you can create a seamless and well-branded presentation. Thus, making it easy for you to convey all of your information. You then need to make sure that the data is broken up and displayed in a manner that is powerful and easy to digest.

If you can achieve this, you will be well on your way to creating unforgettable presentations that enable you to reach all of your target objectives.

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