The Importance of Maintenance Management Systems Within a Company

The Importance of Maintenance Management Systems Within a Company

Information technology is increasingly present in the maintenance management of industrial equipment or installations, facilitating the performance of tasks and reducing costs considerably.

People who work within a maintenance department find themselves with the problem of having to handle a large amount of information. This information accumulates and the traditional spreadsheets that many companies have been using for years are no longer enough. Taking one more step is crucial. That step consists of using software that allows us to streamline information management. The software is maintenance software. Maintenance software can help maintenance teams manage their maintenance work in accordance with best practices and regulations such as 21 CFR requirements.

Why use maintenance management systems?

The maintenance management software known as CMMS is the solution to many problems that maintenance managers encounter daily. Overall, this will help them save costs.

Maintenance directly links to the success of the company. Therefore, you must treat it with great importance in your company. Many organizations realize that maintenance is not a cost but an investment. Can you imagine having a production line stoppage? This affects all sectors of the company, as well as the financial health of the organization.

With maintenance, companies can guarantee the availability of their equipment. Through good maintenance management, it is still possible to achieve an effective increase in the useful life of the equipment. Therefore, this will have a direct impact on the profitability of your company. These are just a few examples of the importance of maintenance for companies.

How important is maintenance?

It is a set of activities and resources applying to your team. You seek the best performance; and greater production. Thus, establishing availability parameters, allowing a safe execution of the works, and permanent cost reduction. They are actions necessary for an item to be conserved, adequate, restored, replaced, and prevented from remaining active, according to a certain condition. Maintenance also helps the company to guarantee the quality of its products through the correct functioning of its equipment.

What is a CMMS?

A CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) as its name suggests, is a program that allows us to maintain equipment and facilities in a preventive, corrective, and predictive way. The CMMS is made up of interconnected modules. These allow us to carry out an exhaustive control of the tasks of the Maintenance Department. For example, the control of incidents or breakdowns of each piece of equipment, preventive maintenance such as cleaning or lubrication, stock control or programming, and task tracking for maintenance technicians.

From the beginning of this post, we talked about the advantages of using this type of system compared to traditional spreadsheets.

Some of the advantages  of a CMMS are:

  • Analyze data to make decision-making faster and more flexible. All while allowing us to adjust tasks more efficiently.
  • Analyze the faults of each piece of equipment and go directly to the problem. Thereby, giving us the possibility of analyzing the data of our system. This allows us to optimize it and carry out adequate maintenance.
  • Improves cost control, allowing us to know what the cost of each work order is.
  • Possibility of having a history of failures, which allows us to control old problems to facilitate the actions of the operators.
  • Have exhaustive control of work assignment tasks. These must be carried out by our operators, and warehouse control to facilitate stock management and order tracking.

With this type of system, the company reduces the time they spend on these tasks. Thereby, allowing staff to have more time to learn how to be more profitable. However, putting these systems into operation requires additional work. Have an objective set on what to obtain, and when. At the same time, take into account both the degree of control to apply and the information with which to work to avoid situations. Especially, those in which we can have information overload. It is important to inlvove the personnel using the program in training so they know the information perfectly. Especially, since the main objective is the effectiveness of the system, so they must know it properly to get results.

The use of a good CMMS will help us in our day-to-day work, reducing costs and keeping track of each of the machines.

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