The Balancing Act: Activities Business Owners Enjoy in 2023

The Balancing Act: Activities Business Owners Enjoy in 2023

When you own a business, have a career, and try to keep an active lifestyle, the balancing act can be difficult, with many becoming overwhelmed trying to complete everything. Many business owners and entrepreneurs start the inception of their organizations alongside the traditional nine-to-five job they work each day. These business people haven’t completely made the jump into full-time entrepreneurship. The desire may come over time for some people, while others prefer to stay at their professional jobs and fulfill their entrepreneurial passions in their free time.

5 Tips and tricks for finding balance

No matter the path you choose, prioritizing is essential, ensuring you’re more productive when you need to complete multiple tasks. Identifying which task is the most important and requires the most urgency compared to those that are not as important is an essential area of business maintenance.

1. Read books

Reading books on how to become better at any niche can be very beneficial. Books on mindfulness and self-help are the perfect way to better yourself, but books on favorite subjects like online poker or knitting are just as helpful. There are also some great books available to learn better productivity which can be essential to good business, especially if you’re struggling with the balancing act of holding down a professional career and building something of your own.

There are many books to help with time management, but some of the greatest books are from the writer Stephen Covey. Covey has released books on time management; we’d recommend these two to new business owners:

  1. Time Management Matrix
  2. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

2. Understand your best working hours

Some people find that they are the most productive right when they wake up, which means they tend to sleep earlier, around 10 pm. Others find their best focus happens at night when interruptions from the outside world are at a minimum. For many just starting their entrepreneurial journey, getting up early — between 3 am and 4 am — can give them the vital hours to work on their own business before they start the day at their nine-to-five job. Whichever route works best for you, routine is essential to keep your mind completely rested. Try to go to bed at a similar time each night and wake up at a similar time in the morning. Veering from your daily routine can breed procrastination, the enemy of anyone looking to complete two full-time jobs — working full-time and starting a business.

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3. Learn to say no

If you have moments where you have a lot on your plate, you need to learn to say no. Leave tasks not catering to your end goal, vision, or mission for another time. In the early stages of business, many people say yes to everything as they think it will help in the future. But having too much to do often results in achieving nothing. A more flexible time, like the weekend, should be open to new activities and events, not always working. Remember that business life is about balance.

4. Get comfortable using a calender

An electronic calendar is a game-changer, but that doesn’t mean you should completely forget a paper calendar. The best thing about Google Calendar is that it can help you organize your life. Having a digital calendar also allows others to view when you’re available for meetings or conferences, booking time to meet when you’re free. Attendees can also add video conferencing directly to calendar invitations, and you can use reminders and emails to let your friends and family know your schedule for the day.

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5. Set goals

Anyone in the business world will know that one of the most critical areas of success is setting goals, but they are also very helpful in prioritizing your work day. The 3 x 3 Achievement System by Michael Hyatt requires you to set your three big quarterly goals, three big weekly goals, and three daily tasks. This achievement system helps keep you on task and focused throughout the day.


The term side hustle feels like a discredit to all the hours, dedication, and work that comes with having an entrepreneurial project alongside a professional career. Always dream big, and this venture will become your main project. Your efforts will pay off in the long run if you’re determined to succeed. With these balancing act tips, you will be well on your way to experiencing everything life offers in the business world. Balance is the key to business, especially when starting a new project.

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