Tech Tools to Promote Wellness for Remote Workers

Tech Tools to Promote Wellness for Remote Workers

Remote work is still very much the trend, even if the pandemic is winding down in some countries. Companies are now recognizing the viability of maintaining a remote workforce, and indeed there are many benefits. Over the past year, businesses have also overcome many of the challenges associated with this practice. And thanks to the help of technology, employers are also able to focus on programs and activities that promote health and wellness for those working from home.

Before remote work became the norm, companies typically invested in programs such as fitness classes, meditation areas, and stress management training. But now that in-person activities aren’t always possible, how are companies able to maintain these activities for the benefit of employees?

Promote office ergonomics by investing in the right tech tools

Interacting with tools and gadgets such as computers and other devices for several hours every day takes a toll on the body. In an ordinary office, companies can invest in ergonomic facilities such as chairs, standing tables, mouse for left hand, and laptop stands. But this isn’t always possible for a remote work setup. This is why companies need to encourage employees to invest in the right tools. They can facilitate funding and recommend specific gadgets that would help reduce fatigue and injuries related to prolonged computer use.

Use an app for physical exercise and fitness

Free gym memberships are a popular employee benefit in many companies. Since this option is not possible nowadays, why not replace it with a paid subscription to an exercise or fitness application? Employees can choose activities such as yoga, strength training, and many more. With paid subscriptions, employees can have access to premium features. Working out at home also becomes more enjoyable and accessible with the help of these apps.

Maximize the use of data to improve employee wellness

Another tech tool that businesses can use is a portal for employee care. There are many options available today, but one important feature is the capability to interpret data and advise company owners about specific risks. The features can vary depending on what the company needs. So if it’s going to be used to promote wellness, the portal should collect data about the health and well-being of their employees.

Meditation for stress relief

Burnout and stress are common issues encountered by long-term employees. Even those working remotely aren’t immune to these concerns. To combat the problem, the company can recommend a meditation app to be used by employees. There are free and paid options, and features can vary. But what’s important here is that employees should have access to these tools in the meantime, while in-person counseling and stress management training isn’t possible.

Stay connected using office collaboration tools

One excellent example of this tool is Microsoft Teams. It can help reduce the feeling of isolation since employees can’t socialize or interact physically. The company can also use the platform to create a dedicated channel for employee wellness. They can share content about proper nutrition, staying mindful and motivated, and much more. This platform is beneficial because it’s accessible and already houses many of the tools necessary for remote work management.

Why is investing in employee wellness a priority?

The current circumstances are putting unnecessary strain on the mental and emotional health of employees. Having to adjust to a new work setup can also be quite daunting. Not only that, a remote work environment poses unique hurdles too. These concerns can lead to a variety of problems such as productivity slumps and poor performance. But with the help of the right tools, such as those mentioned above, the company can continue to roll out wellness programs and activities either as an employee benefit or a means to boost morale.

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