Social Media Loyalty Programs

Do you have a frequent flyer card?

How about a credit card with rewards?  You're likely familiar with those types of loyalty programs, but...

Are you using any loyalty programs in your social media?  Perhaps you should be!


In this episode of the Halftime Mike podcast I go "down under" to interview Antonio Calero in Melbourne, Australia.

Antonio's specialty is behavioral social media and how users respond uniquely to content they see, often based on their culture, background, and related behaviors.  This is critical for the business marketer to understand in order to truly reach well their ideal audience.  We dive into social media loyalty programs and you'd be surprised to find out how simple they can be to setup, and yet how important they can be to making that connection that alters the behavior of a purchaser!

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Today's topic:  Social Media Loyalty Programs

- What is a social media loyalty program?

A SM loyalty program is about generating repetitive behavior in users that benefit the company and the user.

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Thus, it's a win-win scenario and one where a social media platform or platforms is used as the primary means for engaging the user.

"Repetitive" is key as the value is in the repeat connections and the "conditioning" of the user to want to stay within/use the program.

- What is the value of a social media loyalty program for a business?

A loyalty program can help keep existing customers happy over time, and it can help draw in new customers with a stronger bond.  The "bond" is important as the goal is repeat business and long-term business.  Loyal customers are advocates and it is always cheaper to keep customers than find new customers.

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Tip:  People are willing to pay more when they have loyalty.  The actual value may or may not be higher, it simply has emotional value ("I feel good because I am earning points for this").

Social Media Loyalty Program Examples:

Social media is a good fit for loyalty programs since the users are in that mindset of connecting.


Foursquare is an example of a entire social platform dedicated to loyalty rewards.   It rewards users with rewards and offers for checking in frequently at locations.  While there are numerous apps dedicated to loyalty, they are less used than the "big" networks.  The key is that you can find your own ways to offer loyalty reward programs on the big social media platforms and Antonio shared a couple...

Facebook Example:


Jon Loomer Facebook Ads Experiment and his use of Retargeting.

Jon Loomer ran a Ad campaign where only users clicking on a ad and going to his landing page would be eligible to see the next ad (and next new content) on Facebook.  Each landing page had great content and by using website custom audiences he was able to target ads to those who had advanced each step in the process.  He ran at least 12 ads and it was interesting to see people commenting on his page and prior ads questioning if they had missed the next one.

Those doing it were INVESTED and wanted to keep going.  This is what a loyalty program is all about!

Created energy, focus, dedication, and ultimately more connection with Jon and his services.

Twitter Example:

Antonio outlined a low budget loyalty plan for a client that did not have lots of dollars to spend.

There was one landing page with a random url.   On social media they posted a "clue" each day to build the url.  Those who followed each day would get the next letter in the URL and by tracking this each day they could complete the URL and access the landing page and access their reward.

Notice some themes?  It takes some repetition and multiple steps!  Here's other keys...

Key tips for success

- Keep it simple!  It doesn't need to be complex.
- Consider the incentive and the process... it's better to have 15-20 actions to build loyalty, then to short of a process for a great reward.
- It must not be too difficult to complete or people will bail out!
- Stay away from money and cash incentives!  (Cash is not memorable.  Tie into your products or services as the rewards)

That's the quick summary!  Listen in for full details on social media loyalty programs.

What are your thoughts and questions?

Share your thoughts below!




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Antonio Calero Background:

Antonio focuses on behavioral social media - that users behave on social media based on the content they see and/or external factors. He's a Spaniard by birth and has lived in Italy before making Australia home (and we'll get into that background a bit more!) He's also married to Maria and father of 2 little ones.

Straight from Antonio, he says...

  • I created my two own businesses in Spain 15 years ago: one was a B2B and one was a B2C, focusing on digital marketing services
  • I have spent a lot of time in many European countries (mainly: France, Netherlands, UK, Portugal...)
  • Professional experience in both agency and client side. On the Agency side I was purely involved with not only loyalty programs, but performance improvement in general (employee recognition, affiliate marketing, etc...)
  • I've been working as a social media consultant and speakers for 3 years now, although for most of the times it was combined with a full time job. Only in 2015 I decided to make the big move, quit my job and am now focusing only on my own business.

I had the privilege to meet Antonio at Social Media Marketing World and we had some good times!

Inspirational Moment from Nick Vijicic

As I've noted, I want to start including a inspirational spot.  We all need to be moved in our heart.  This elevates our thinking, encourages us, and inspires us to live higher and better than any negative around us!

My inspirational moment this week comes from the Oprah Winfrey Network and her time with Nick Vijicic.  Nick shares a powerful word about overcoming, maximizing the hand your are dealt, and the need for faith.  It's a moving few minutes and worth your time!

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C'mon, are your problems insurmountable now?

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