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Advancements in technology happen all the time.

When a "point of pain" is addressed with a new technology solution, it's always time for celebration.  I'm celebrating this new service, Sniply, for the pain point it solves for businesses using social media! is a service which allows you to have the power of social media sharing  with control in the palm of your hand. Sniply allows users to take links to great articles on any website, and then add a custom message in the article that is yours and which can then be directed straight to your website!  So basically you are creating a unique URL to the content so that when a visitor clicks on that link, they go to that web page but also get a custom message from you and a link to a web page on your site that you set. That's awesome!



For many businesses, they need great content to share in their social media channels and one of the best ways to have enough to share was to share content from other sites.  The downside to that is that a user clicking on your shared link in Facebook, for instance, is directed to that site and so you don't have opportunity to get them to your site.

Sniply eliminates the pain of simply sending your social media community to other websites!

How can this work?

Let's say company builds custom garages and buildings for homeowners and you come across a great web article from a Home and Garden website that shares energy efficiencies and design styles that your company actually already implements.  You can grab the URL to that article, go to Sniply and create your custom footer message that links to a web page on your site where you go into detail on your related services.  You then share the Sniply URL anywhere, such as Facebook, Twitter, and your email news.  Readers click on the link and go to the Home and Garden web article.  The difference is that at the bottom of the article is YOUR call-to-action and link to the article on YOUR website!  This helps you share great content and link to related information on your website.

The great thing about Sniply is that the road is totally reciprocal. From any web page anywhere, you can draw traffic back to your website. This means that for every post you share, you are also doing a bit of guerilla marketing!

Sniply has a free version (which I am using) and also offers paid services with more no limits on monthly sharing.  I am finding the free version to be adequate for most small business needs.

Sniply also offers a Chrome browser extension.  For those who use Chrome (I recommend it) as their primary web browser this gives you a quick access button so that when you are on a web page you want to "Snip", simply click the button and Sniply loads to allow you to customize your call-to-action and create your unique URL that you will share.

Sniply Setup:

The Sniply setup is fairly straightforward.  In the dashboard or with the browser extension you get a setup box to complete.

Enter the URL of the content you are sharing, the complete the fields for your message and Call-to-Action.

Finally, enter the URL of choice where you want to drive traffic to (often your own site!).  See the setup box and the sample Snip created below in the Sniply Dashboard:



This example is the Sniply setup box as it appears on a web page I want to share when using the Chrome browser extension.


Sniply Metrics:

Sniply provides quality analytics on your snips!  This helps you know how many times your link was clicked to go to the content and if the CTA button was clicked to drive traffic to the URL you set.


Overall,  I'm a big fan of Sniply!  I've incorporated sniply into a lot of my content curation routines.  One last nugget of gold I'll share is that with the browser extension in Chrome and Buffer, I can easily Buffer a load of snips to various social media sites of mine with little effort!

What's your take?  Have you tried Sniply yet?

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