Social Media Marketing World Podcasters List #SMMW14


One of the highlights of Social Media Marketing World for me was the ability to connect ahead of time and in real life during the event with those that were podcasting or expressed interest in starting.

We had a very active podcast discussion group on Social Media Examiner's LinkedIn Group prior to the event and this carried over to networking lunches and more.  It was great to have people come up to me and say, "Mike, hey, great to meet you!  I was in the LinkedIn Podcaster's Group."

Here's a pic from one of the networking lunches where Mike Stelzner was present:



I've captured some of my key takeaways from the conference at  Yes, I did a podcast episode! I recorded the podcast episode while in the airport in Detroit, MI on a layover as I returned home!

So, I thought I would take the time to try and bring together all those who participated in the LinkedIn Group and the lunchtime Interest Group Meetups.  Here's what I was able to find and compile.  I'm sure I missed some so please add them in the comments below and I'll then update this list and links.  Here are the Social Media Marketing World 2014 conference attendees that either podcast or are looking at starting!


1. Tyler Anderson - Social Media Social Hour

2. Shaun Ayala - Socialcated

3.  Nik Parks - Launching Creative Podcast

4. Arfan Qureshi, CPLPLionSage

5. Anne BachrachThe Accountability Coach

6. John JantschDuct Tape Marketing

7. Christina CantersPresentation Skills For Design Students

8. Wanda BoothPraise Top Living: Real Talk

9. Megan McWilliamsThe Green Divas Radio Show

10. Matthew D. Smith - AEB Marketing

11. Azure CollierSpeakeasy

12. Vickie Maris - Heartsong Fit

13. Rich BrooksThe Marketing Agents Podcast

14. Lindy Neubauer -  Kreative Fm

15. Rick SeigmundGet After It America

16. Glen Smyth - Create Your Personal Brand

17. Tracie TrollinsOne Badass Life

18. Martin TokarOutsource Your Project w/ Martin Tokar 

19. Hugh CulverExpert’s Enterprise

20. Mark EckdahlBiz Chix

21. Jennifer KeeginCollege Union and Activities Discussion

22. John PoelstraUntangling Christianity

23. Lou MongelloWDW Radio - Your Walt Disney World Information Station

24 James W. (Jim) Claussen - AskJim

25. George Cuevas - The Biggest Real Estate Marketing Mexican North of the Rio Grande

26. Phil Mershon - Director of Events at Social Media Examiner

27. Susan Milligan - AHHH Lifestyle LLC

28. Jerry Katz - Jkatz Broadcast Services

29. Derryck McLuhan - CenterEdge Ministries

30. Jenny Hadden - TeamSnap

31. Mike Gingerich - Halftime Mike

32. Pat Flynn - Smart Passive Income and Ask Pat

33. John Lee Dumas -  Entrepreneur on Fire

34. Erik Fisher -  Beyond the To-Do List

35. Mike Stelzner - Social Media Marketing Podcast

36. Michael Hyatt - This is Your Life

37. Cynthia Sanchez - Oh So Pinteresting


Wow! What a list!  It's great to see the interest.


My Story

It was at Social Media Marketing World 2013 where I was inspired to consider launching a podcast myself.  I returned from the conference in April with the vision to launch.  After doing my research and learning the ropes on producing, I launched my first episode on July 3, 2013!

How about you?  What's your podcast story?



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