Simple Hacks That Will Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy 

simple hacks that will improve your email marketing strategy

Email marketing is by far one of the most effective strategies in digital marketing. This is because of the many communication channels available, emails are more professional, thus more likely to be trusted. They are not only effective in getting new leads from prospects but also when it comes to following up on existing leads and seeking loyalty from existing customers. However, email marketing is a broad subject and ways to improve your email marketing strategy is a more specific focus area.  Something to consider when thinking about your email marketing strategy is the fact that you need to consider how you pay for it. With Klaviyo Pricing as opposed to Mailchimp, you might find a better way of doing things which is rather important for your business finance. You need your strategy for email marketing to be a winner and considering how much you spend on your marketing strategy will ensure that. Email marketing is also only as effective as the money you put into it, and knowing that you have correctly invested in it will help you to improve your email marketing strategy immensely.

A winning email marketing strategy involves a myriad of tasks, some of which require automation if at all you are going to make the most out of your efforts as a digital entrepreneur. To help you improve your email marketing strategy, here are a few simple hacks you may want to familiarize with.

Collect Email Address Everywhere

In these technological times, we experience pop-ups that won't get canceled until we key in our email addresses – ever experienced that? Now, that is one of the many ways that businesses use to collect emails (leads) for their marketing. That may be a bit tiresome for your business, but there is always a quick way out. Twitter! Twitter is such an easy platform to get emails. All you have to do is create a lead generation card, and you’re good to go. Now sit back, relax, and wait for those emails to come your way. Other effective ways to create an email list include:

  • Using call-to-action on landing pages
  • Pitching email newsletters on social media
  • Timed pop-up surveys
  • Encouraging signups
  • Using discounted offers and freebies
  • Using signup boxes
  • Exit-intent popups

Use Automated Personalized Messages 

We are a month close to Christmas, and the offers in the stores will be massive. There will be draws and gifts from "Santa," and you will realize that most stores ask for your details after shopping. Ever wondered why they ask for your emails? They want to keep you up to date with what's new in the store. Besides, they want the clients to get a personal message from the customer support rep to enhance communication.

Well, once you build a really long email list, doing things manually is no longer feasible. You will require an automated approach so you don’t have to send each and every single email to your prospects manually.

When a prospect sends an email to your business and no one is there to respond immediately, a personalized automatic response can save the day by letting your prospect know that their email has been received and that a customer service rep will get back to them ASAP. In this case, an email autoresponder tool comes in handy. It ensures that regardless of the time a potential client contacts your business, they get a personalized response that will leave them feeling appreciated and valued. While using email automation, some things to observe include the following:

  • Allow replies to enhance interaction 
  • Reply to their responses 
  • Use plain text
  • Ensure the source is real

email marketing strategy ideas

Send Outstanding Receipts 

Who still does hardcopy receipts in this age and day? Most of us get their monthly bills and receipts via emails, but to stay ahead of the game, you have to be innovative as an entrepreneur. Remember, this is a vital marketing tool that can set the standards for your business. When sending those bills and receipts, remember to do these things to improve your email marketing strategy overall:

  • Polish your emails: Most of them look bad and maybe hard to comprehend. Beat that by producing applicable receipts.
  • Put referral codes: This is just a way to encourage your clients to speak about their experiences. Give discounts to clients who refer you to new customers. 
  • Show related products and services: If a client signs up for a specific service, give them more information about it and, if need be, state training plans on the receipt. 

Email Forking and Retargeting 

In marketing, an inbox is an assertive communication because you will have a one-on-one with your client. You will know what they want and expect from you as a company. Email forking is a strategy used by marketers to let their subscribers to areas of interest. For example, if your business sells shoes and handbags, and your client wants a pair of shoes, they will be moved to the shoe section first. Next, a retargeting ad appears on the screen where they can be asked to feed their emails. After giving their emails, they are now able to choose between the different types of shoes. 

Social Proof 

For a more straightforward way to understand it, let us call it social influence. It simply means how people agree to others' actions, assuming that it is the right thing regardless. And the easiest way to do that is to tell them the number of subscribers in their email list. That is more than enough to convince the clients to subscribe. Some ideas on how to embrace this strategy include:

  • Be active on social media
  • Authentically tell stories your clients can relate 
  • Encourage customers to comment and recommend others

Email marketing is one of the fundamental success strategies in the digital space of business. Some of the most successful companies have and are still using it to date. From the few points above, you have hopefully grasped something you can use to boost and improve your email marketing strategy.

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