Should I Book a Sprinter Van or Bus for My Event?

Should I Book a Sprinter Van or Bus for My Event?

Do you have an event in the works and are attempting to determine transportation? If you have anywhere from six to 55 people, you are likely debating between hiring a sprinter van or a bus. Today, we are sharing with you four aspects to consider when determining whether you should book a sprinter service or a bus for your event.

Sprinter Van or Bus?

#1: How Many People Will I Be Transporting?

Understanding how many people need transport to your event will determine whether or not you should hire a sprinter van or a bus. Sprinter services are typically for six to 14 people, with seven to 12 bags. Anything over that would require a bus service. However, if you are willing you could split your riders into multiple sprinter vans.

Therefore, we would recommend that for 14 people or less you pick a sprinter service. For 15 people or more then choose a bus. Buses will ensure that all of your guests arrive simultaneously, in addition to a lesser environmental impact, and reduced cost.

#2: Where Will the Pickups Occur?

A bus is the way to go if your guests are being picked up at a single, central location. However, if your guests are being picked up all over town; at two or more different destinations, or even at their homes, it would be wise to hire one or more sprinter vans. Why is that?

Firstly, sprinter vans are smaller. Thus, they will be able to pick up guests from their driveways without the maneuvering issues a bus would have.

Secondly, two or more vans would decrease time on the road. If you have to make 25 stops to pick riders up individually, your guests are going to get irritated waiting for so long. Hiring two or more vans can speed up the pickup and drop-off process. Definitely consider multiple vehicles if you are going to multiple locations.

#3: What Will Riders Be Doing?

Sprinter services typically provide riders with a luxury experience. This can be an excellent option for riders who need to work along the journey. With executive-style seating that can swivel, flatscreens, USB ports, tinted windows, and Wi-Fi on board, riders can host meetings, watch a movie, or catch up on work with ease. Therefore, this service is ideal for executives, colleagues, and families.

On the other hand, while comfortable, buses are typically designed for transportation as the primary concern. While riders can chat with one another, enjoy the views out of the big windows, and have plenty of space to relax. However, working may be difficult. Therefore, we recommend bus service for weddings, parties, family reunions, or any significant social event that doesn't require "work" time.

#4: How Much Can I Afford?

Knowing the number of people you need to transport is vital. However, so is knowing your budget. Before hiring a sprinter service or a bus, you will need to make sure they are an affordable option for your event. Hiring a sprinter service is cheaper than multiple private cars. However, hiring a bus is more reasonable than multiple sprinter vans. Therefore, we recommend examining your budget before you invest in one particular service.

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