Sharing Your PDFs

Sharing Your PDFs

Using the PDF Live tool allows you to easily save and share documents with people around the world. PDFs are used not just in business but for personal communication. When you to be certain your document will be both readable and retain its original formatting a PDF can help. In addition, when you send a PDF you know in advance the recipient can read it no matter if they use a computer or a smartphone. However, there are several ways to send a PDF to another person and you may be wondering which way is best.

Preparing a PDF For Sending

Before sending a PDF you’ll want to verify that all the information is correct, the formatting is the way you want, and that all images are present and placed correctly. This is especially important after converting a PDF from a different file format as many word processing platforms have a create PDF option. After you are sure the PDF contents are correct depending on the nature of the information and who it's going to you may want to set up a password. A secure password keeps your PDFs from being read by those who should not have access to your information. Also, if you need to send multiple PDFs you may want to merge them into a single PDF for easy sending.

Ways To Send a PDF To Others

  • Via Email: email is one of the easiest ways to send a PDF to another person or business. All you need is an email platform and an email address to send it to. Open a new message for composition and click the attachments option and you’ll be able to attach your PDF to your outgoing message.
  • File-Sharing Services: many file sharing and cloud-based platforms give you plenty of free storage space to use for file storage and sharing. Once your PDF has been uploaded to one of these services most of them have an option to create a link that you can share to direct others to your uploaded PDF.
  • On a Network: if you are sharing a PDF in a work environment you may have access to a shared network or network hard drive. If you have access to such shared storage you can copy your PDF to it and your coworkers and associates will have easy access to it.
  • On Your Website: finally, if you have your website or hosting service you can upload your PDFs to your webpage and send a link to interested parties. Having your website can be very useful if you have a lot of documents to share as you can design a website as a central hub with links to all of your files.

Final Thoughts

PDFs are one of the most common and widely used file types. Having been in use for decades you don’t have to worry about file compatibility or formatting when sending a PDF plus you have the assurance that it just works. By picking the right communication method you ensure your information gets where it needs to go, to who needs to receive it, and in the safest way possible.

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