Revealed: Who Are the Faces Behind the Most Successful Lingerie Labels?

Revealed: Who Are the Faces Behind the Most Successful Lingerie Labels

Many women around the world appreciate good-quality lingerie. Even their partners may delight in seeing them in a number of collections and colors. However, this lingerie comes from somewhere. Entrepreneurs and business owners alike have found great success in marketing their products. From maternity sets to those catering to larger busts. While their companies and products may be well-known, you might not actually be aware of who is behind the most successful brands. Keep reading to see who creates and develops within the field, and what their company values are.


One of the first people you may wish to acquaint yourself with could be David Spector of ThirdLove. This company was first founded in 2013. Alongside his wife, Spector creates lingerie that women love. ThirdLove is a company that puts women at the forefront of its operations. This may be, in part, why Spector stays in the shadows regarding the marketing for ThirdLove. Instead, he lets the female members of the team take center stage. In a world where men can still often be given more benefits than women, it is refreshing to find a CEO who wants to balance the scales that bit more.


Next, you may want to think about the 1977 company Natori. This one may be a little older than ThirdLove, but the team also has a number of reasons to be proud of their achievements. Natori’s founder is Filipino Josie Natori, who moved to New York when she was only 17 years old. Alongside creating lingerie, Natori works hard to be a charitable company. Both the company and the creator herself give to a number of ventures. While some of these may benefit the United States, others help to improve life back in the Philippines. It is clear that, while successful now, Natori hasn’t forgotten her Filipino roots. She may even use them to motivate her within her work.


Designer, luxury lingerie can also be rather lucrative. Yet the way that you market your products to consumers can also be incredibly important. Selling the experience of shopping, as well as an item can be a common procedure for Anya Lust employees. In addition to this, they are one of a few lingerie companies founded and run by a black woman. Krystle Kotara's brand not only generates her an income but also promotes fashion and sensuality for all women. This could help consumers to see themselves represented more within marketing content. Therefore, making them more likely to make that purchase. In addition to this, Kotara also works with a number of charities and other organizations to do her part for the world.

It can seem like most successful lingerie labels are about philanthropy or inclusivity. However, the collections themselves are just as important. By combining fashion with diversity, these three different companies are able to find success within the industry.

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