Reflecting On: Get Your Head Out of the Clouds

A good, quick article to reflect on from the Six Month MBA...Have we gotten into a routine of crushing dreams and forcing narrow (often called 'realistic') thinking?  I think so far too often. - Mike


Feet on the ground?

Posted: 11 Apr 2009 04:34 AM PDT

Get your head out of the clouds!!

Day dreaming is something adults try to shake out of us as kids. We're told to keep our feet on the ground, to be realistic, to be practical about what is possible. The adults in our lives tend to err on the side of protecting our little spirits rather than pushing us to think big.

Where does that leave us as adults? Any time we start to think big, our trained response is to pull back. Too often we mistake negative thinking with being realistic. We see being practical as a protection against harm rather than playing it safe, which is more harmful in the long run. The reality check becomes a shackle holding us down to earth.

But learning to soar in the clouds, to dream, imagine, think big allows us to find something we never expected-a better reality.

From up high, we can see so much more of what could be and choose a better place, a better reality to be grounded on. One we can't see if we stay shackled right where we are, in a location we're already familiar with.

How long have you had your feet on the ground where you are? Is it time to get your head up in the clouds?

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