Reduce Costs with these Genius Marketing Strategies

Reduce Costs with these Genius Marketing Strategies

An essential aspect of business management is marketing, and yet several companies do not put as much effort into it as they should. Marketing effectively helps you reach your target audience and gives you an edge over your competitors. So why is there such a fuss when genius marketing strategies can help your business leap ahead? 

A bird's eye view can provide the perfect perspective. Marketing strategy requires intensive market and territorial research depending upon the target audience. Without proper marketing, your product or brand will not get the exposure it deserves and subsequently decreases your sales.

With an elaborate marketing strategy, you can undoubtedly make a good profit and boost sales, but many times, it can cost you a fortune. To help you make smarter choices and market yourself efficiently, without it costing an arm and a leg. Here are some of the best ideas;

Start with a Marketing Audit

Before you dive into the logistics, a marketing audit is where you need to start your project. The sole purpose of a marketing audit is to provide you with an overall estimate. It will help you know how much money it's going to cost you for a particular project so the total expenditure may include;

  • SEO content creation
  • Remarketing or rebranding
  • Advertising including via print media
  • Videography for content or product promotion
  • Product photography
  • Social Media ads
  • PR packages

Your requirements might not check off everything on this list. But you'll surely want to quantify how much you need to spend to reach your goal for a specific project. This audit will help you decide which routes you need to stick with, and which aspects of the strategy you can dismiss. It will also help you rethink areas where you are overspending.

Create E-books For Your Business

E-books are an incredible way for you to improve your brand's lead generation and credibility. It easily allows you to get more emails registered with your company. It will also increase your client list because users trust you with their credentials if you're providing them with free information. 

Naturally, your mind might wander over to the cost of developing and publishing your business's e-book. Instead of hiring a third party to create it, get an e-book creator software that lets you design and customize your e-book smoothly. So there is no cluttering, sidebars, and ads. Presenting this fresh and clean content to your future clients will boost your brand credibility and help the brand build a positive reputation. 

Many people in the US consider this excellent customer service and are always willing to pay up to 17% more money. 

Decrease the number of marketing channels currently active

For marketing, you're presently reaching for content creation, advertisements, and social media engagements, emailing, and heading over to YouTube, etc. It's a pretty solid list, but you must have noticed that not every channel is driving in as much traffic or leads. 

Some mechanisms like SEO do take time to develop and show results, but when you're short on budget, it's better to cut off long term activities. Instead, focus more energy and money into channels that get you leads in half the time. You can surely add back to other channels when you've got enough resources. But remember, put your money in a maximum of three channels that give you the best results.

Study Your Clientele Closely

It costs a lot of big bucks to get new customers; it is almost seven times cheaper to keep an existing customer. But what's more expensive is acquiring a set of new customers that don't quite fit your ideal targeted market. To save yourself from this blunder, reevaluate, and research your target audience to narrow it down to a set of loyal customers. 

Studying existing marketing data will help you focus your budget on the right market segment. Therefore, instead of targeting new far off audiences that might run your budget dry, adhere to profitable segments.

Make Good Use of Automation Tools

Consider automation tools to help your employees save extra time that they could be spending on specific tasks.

  • Social Media Chatbots: Many social media sites like Facebook use chatbots. They can accomplish every day and simple tasks that include providing the customer with information or support, something that doesn't need your employee's presence. It ensures prompt replies to your customers and frees up plenty of time so your employees can focus their energy elsewhere.
  • Automated Email Replies: You can build a better relationship with your customers using auto-responders without additional work. Auto-responders can be great equalizers and help you make more money than it took to acquire those specific leads.


Making budget cuts to fit your marketing goal is never easy and requires deep insight, but with proper research and guidance, you can take such tasks head-on. Efficiency is the key to boost an organization's profits, and focusing on customers' lifetime value can help you achieve it.

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