Social Media Management and Monitoring Streamlined - Interview with Ian Cleary [Podcast]


Are you "knee deep" in social media and wanting to gain efficiencies?

Are you wondering how you can use social media more effectively and streamline some of your work?

This episode has answers to those questions!

I was thrilled and privileged to host Ian Cleary, blogger, and social media tool guru of RazorSocial recently. Click below to listen to the podcast!


This podcast episode is full of value and tips!  Here a few gems:

  • 1halftime-blog-header-main-square-mikeUsing the right tools helps you be organized! Find time savers like using Zapier to auto-share to social networks when you load a new video on your YouTube Channel.
  • Schedule the "go-live" of your blog posts with WordPress and then use to post messages sharing the post to multiple social networks
  • Simply your content curation - Use Feedly to get all your favorite blogs and sites in one spot for review, reading, and sharing
  • Share from Feedly easily via the Buffer App to all your social networks.
  • Keep track of talk about your company on the web easily with
  • Blogging is critical to online success.  There were 12 million Google searches in July 2013, so by blogging you can be found in relevant searches

And more!

Wanting to learn from a globetrotting Irishman who digs far and wide for the best online tools?  This is it!

Ian was full of tips and ideas that can help you save time, automate basic tasks and increase your social media impact while saving you time! Nice, huh?

Topics covered included:

  • Streamlining social media monitoring and management
  • Focusing on a few key metrics versus overwhelm with many
  • Key tools that Ian has tested and recommends
  • Tips for the already busy small business owner

More resource links discussed in this episode:

RazorSocial (subscribe to Ian's blog for great content!)

RazorSocial on Facebook

Google Analytics

Aweber for email marketing, auto-responders, and drip marketing

Thanks for your interest in this podcast episode with Ian Cleary!

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Click the player below to download this episode:


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