Quill Engage: Google Analytics Help for the Busy Business

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Last week we talked about Google Analytics and all the website stats you can get from this tool. If you’re like most users the Google Analytics (GA) dashboard holds tons of information and is overwhelming at best. Even long time GA users can get confused with all the possibilities. But, in order to stay on top of trends and shifts in your web traffic and website conversions, Google Analytics is an important tool. One answer to make the analytics data useful is to turn to a third party program to help understand the analytics Google provides. Enter Quill Engage.

Quill Engage

201508 MD Quill google analytics

Quill Engage is a third party service that helps users understand the information that Google Analytics provides. Just out of beta and updated with new features, Quill Engage uses graphs and easy to understand terms to make Google Analytics stats easier to digest and use. The tool can help you understand all the different data sets that pour through Google Analytics. Because Google tracks so many different types of data, it can be difficult to make sense of it. Quill Engage simplifies the data so it's less confusing.

From e-commerce conversion data to traffic trends, Quill Engage gives you the facts you need in a format that you can understand. Data can be broken down into several categories such as E-commerce, events, goals and conversion data.

Events fire when something happens on your web page and are used to send more information into a Google Analytics report. Events help you to understand, in more depth what the visitors to your website are doing and viewing.

Goals are individual goals set by the website Admin. They can include more online interaction with consumers. More hits on the website. Or in some instances more promotion in certain markets.

201508 MD Quill google analytics

Conversion data refers to the amount of change -- positive and negative-- from previous weeks or months. This allows the user to identify if a promotion has made a significant change in the way their website was used. It also helps marketers identify monthly trends in sales and where the business might want to focus other marketing strategies.

201508 MD Quill google analytics

Custom Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

You can also customize your Quill Engage report. You can show KPI data at the top of the report that are specifically important to your business. Also, if there are features on the report that you feel aren't relevant, you can turn them off. But don't worry, you can turn them back on again at any time.


Quill Engage offers multiple subscription options. Small businesses can get a free account to start with. Larger organizations can subscribe to accounts where they can get information for more websites.

This is a tool that can help you make sense of another tool! Ultimately, it comes down to finding an easy way to get the key data you need to make informed business decisions quickly and easily, and Quill Engage helps you do that.

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